Do I Need a Building Permit to Add Solar Panels to My Home?

If you’ve made the decision to install solar panels in your home, you’re making a smart choice that can save you money and help protect the environment. Green building and green living are the wave of the future, and solar panels can be a big part of that.

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Do Consumers Choose Green Businesses?

So, you’re considering joining the green revolution by installing commercial solar panels because you’ve heard it’ll save you money and your customers will respect you for the decision. But you want to know if that’s the truth or just a fairy tale told to you by “Big Solar.”

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Going Green Around the House

Looking for ways to save money each and every month plus do your part to save the planet? We’ve looked for the best methods and options for going green around the house, backed by science and finances. We hope you’ll enjoy these nine green tips for the home.

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What Are the Environmental Benefits of Solar Energy?

Many people have heard about the financial and practical benefits of installing a solar energy panel — with a one-time purchase, solar panels can cover as much as 100% of your electric usage depending on the amount of roof space available, solar access and other factors. For many businesses and homeowners, this is a no-brainer. However, if you’re on the fence about whether to get a solar panel or wondering if it’s really worth the time, effort and investment, you may want to consider the other benefits of solar energy, as well.

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