Pennsylvania Commercial Solar

Pennsylvania businesses can save big with commercial solar panels! Bright Eye Solar is based in Lancaster, PA and is the area expert on solar panel installation and financial incentives! We will work with your business to choose the right strategy to save you money and create renewable energy!

Why Adopt Commercial Solar in Pennsylvania?

It’s easy to see why a business in sun-soaked New Mexico would benefit from a commercial solar installation, but does that mean Pennsylvania businesses will too?

Bright Eye Solar has been providing solar support for years in our great state and we’ve seen customers achieve big savings in a short amount of time. We’re based in Lancaster, so we know that area businesses face rains, winter storms and more. A few of our most popular service areas in Pennsylvania are Lancaster, Harrisburg, York County, Philadelphia, Bucks County and Chester County.

Some of the biggest savings our Pennsylvania customers enjoy include:

  • Protection against rate hikes, which average 5% for traditional utilities
  • Reduced operational costs, often starting in the first month
  • Reductions in monthly power bills
  • Increases in their public image as customers positively respond to them going green

We Know Commercial Solar for Pennsylvania

Solar panels for commercial buildings here in Pennsylvania can take advantage of a wide range of rebates and local programs designed to minimize costs. These types of services can include business-specific rebates as well as programs that target both commercial and residential areas.

If your commercial installation is designed to save you money, it’ll likely be larger than a 3 kilowatt deployment. You’ll surpass the threshold required for rebates such as the Sunshine Solar Program, which can reimburse businesses for up to 35 percent of the total cost of the project. As it stands today, that rebate is either 35% of your total cost or as much as $52,500, whichever is lower.

These rates have been changing around the country, so it’s best to contact us right away for an updated estimate to this and other programs.

Commercial Solar Installation Done Right

Reliability is part of commercial solar panels used in PA for your business. Most Pennsylvania rebates require all installed solar panels for businesses and commercial buildings to be brand new. Solar panels for businesses can also require a solar shade analysis to see if you qualify for state and local rebates, with results requiring at least an 80% optimal-placement rating.

Affordability Is Our Priority

You install solar panels for your business because you want to save money over the long-term, and hopefully start seeing small savings right away. To help more businesses take advantage of solar savings, Bright Eye Solar provides a variety of finance options designed to work with multiple budgets.

We hope you’ll consider Bright Eye to be your commercial solar energy installer here in Pennsylvania. Please contact us directly with any questions so we can create a custom solar plan just for you.

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