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Located in Central Pennsylvania, Bright Eye Solar is the expert on solar panel installation for Chester County, PA! We’ll help you choose the right options for your commercial or residential solar project and provide guidance as you pursue the financial incentives available to you. Contact us now to get started!

Solar Panels for Chester County, PA Homes and Businesses

Bright Eye Solar LLC is bringing the cost savings and green energy joy of solar panels and power to Pennsylvania homes and businesses. We specialize in matching the right panels to your building so you can receive the most power at the best cost, saving you as much as we can in the short-term so you can recoup your cost quickly.

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We work with clients of all sizes to meet their solar needs, ensuring that your business gets the most power it can and that you can keep your home looking lovely throughout the year.

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Why Adopt Commercial and Residential Solar Panels?

Pennsylvania utilities rise about 5% each year, but the cost of creating solar energy doesn’t rise (it’s actually gotten about 60% cheaper to install solar panels over the past five years). That means solar panels for your Phoenixville, PA home can help your wallet right away.

Businesses often see a reduction in their operational costs beginning in the first or second month after installation. This is on top of the reduction in monthly power bills that both businesses and homes experience, meaning there’s plenty of opportunities for major savings.


And don’t forget the bragging rights! When your home or business goes green, you can be the envy of the neighborhood or tell your customers they’re supporting the environment when they choose your goods and services.

Your Expert on PA Tax Benefits

Solar panels from West Chester to Coatesville and everywhere else in Chester County are able to use a variety of federal and Pennsylvania rebates and programs to minimize costs. There are a lot of different categories and qualifications for these rebates. We’ve listed a few below, but be sure to contact us directly to learn if they apply to your specific situation.

Most PA installations can take advantage of the federal solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) that gives a 30% tax credit for homes converting to solar energy through the rest of this year.

Businesses see something similar with the Sunshine Solar Program that reimburses businesses for up to 35% of the total cost of the project, though it caps out at $52,500.

The state also offers the AEPS Alternative Energy Credit Program that will give you utility bill credits when your system produces more electricity than you need. We’re experts in the bi-directional meters that this requires, and can ensure that smart installation keeps your home and business looking great.

We’re Local to PA

Bright Eye Solar knows there are many reasons you want to go solar. Whether you’re hoping to save money or are driven by the desire to go green, we’re here to help! Bright Eye is based in Lancaster and has staff from all over our great state.

Solar panels in Chester County, PA are best installed by a local company who knows the area, our laws, our weather and our people. Reach out to learn about some of the best rates you’ll find and keep our community going strong.


Affordable Solar for Commercial Clients in Chester County

Solar power is renewable, reliable and more affordable than ever before. At a time when conventional energy prices are unpredictable, solar is emerging as a popular alterative for both residential and commercial customers.

Bright Eye Solar is a solar installer serving Chester County’s business community. We are based in Lancaster, PA, which puts us a short drive from West Chester, Coatesville and other major population centers in the region. Our location outside of the Philadelphia Metro Area helps keep our overhead costs down, so we can run a leaner business and deliver more dedicated service for our clients.

Keep reading to learn about the many benefits solar can have for your business. To arrange a free consultation with one of our team members, contact our office directly.

An Environmentally-Friendly Way to Run Your Business

The most appealing benefit to commercial solar is arguably its environmental friendliness. Many customers are increasingly scrutinizing the businesses they frequent and changing their loyalties to companies that share their values. In this regard, solar panels have three key advantages:

  • They reduce your reliance on fossil fuels.
  • They contribute to American energy independence.
  • They’re easily visible to customers.

A commercial solar installation at your Chester County location clearly demonstrates to anyone who visits your site that you’re a forward-thinking business — one that will to make an investment today if it contributes to a better future for everyone.

Solar Saves Money

The first wave of commercial solar installations in Chester County was largely motivated by environmental concerns. However, those early solar components were expensive and often unreliable. Now, a new generation of technology has made solar more affordable for businesses on a budget, and also more effective at generating electricity. The end result is that, for most businesses, the economic benefits of solar are just as important as the environmental. With solar, you:

  • Reduce your overhead expenses. By lessening your reliance on external power, even a small, grid-tied system will offset your utility bills on a month-to-month basis.
  • Stabilize your monthly costs. Solar provides a hedge against unpredictable utility prices, particularly when you take advantage of leasing opportunities that offer a low monthly fee.
  • Add value to your business. A solar system is a capital improvement that will add value to your business. Unlike other improvements, solar systems are less subject to depreciation over time, making them a great long-term investment.

Run the numbers and see for yourself how much you can save with a commercial solar system from Bright Eye Solar. Give us a call to arrange a consultation at your convenience.

Installation and Financing Options

The benefits a commercial solar panel installation can have for Chester County businesses are clear. However, for many, the steps involved in going solar aren’t. At Bright Eye Solar, we strive to educate our customers and take the confusion out of installing a commercial solar panel system. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Installation options: Solar panels can be installed on your building’s roof or mounted on the ground. They can also be installed on top of a canopy or parking garage — an increasingly popular option in large commercial complexes. Panels can be fixed in place, or motorized using a tracking system that aligns them for maximum sun exposure at all times. Bright Eye Solar will perform a comprehensive site assessment and suggest several options for your property.
  • Connection options: Commercial solar systems can be grid-tied or off-grid. Grid-tied systems are more flexible as they aren’t responsible for generating the entirety of your business’ power. They may also allow you to participate in net metering programs, where you can sell unused energy back to your utility company. Off-grid systems give you greater control and independence over your power needs, though they are more expensive and require a larger PV installation.
  • Financing options: There’s no denying that commercial solar systems require a large initial investment. Fortunately, several programs are available to offset this cost or spread it out over time. We stay on top of state and federal initiatives for commercial solar, and we can help you complete an application if necessary. We also offer leasing programs with up to seven-year terms. Leasing is the easiest option for any business that doesn’t want to worry about maintenance and monitoring. It can also be an affordable alternative to conventional financing.

The first step in any solar project is to meet with a Bright Eye Solar representative. We’re confident you’ll see right away why we’re the best commercial solar installer for Chester County businesses. Our clients span a range of industries and include both small organizations as well as large corporations. Use the form on this page to book a consultation today.