Commercial Solar Installations for Lancaster, PA Businesses

Every day, an increasing number of businesses in Lancaster and throughout Central PA are realizing the benefits solar power can have for their bottom line. Switching to solar — or using it to offset your reliance on the grid — isn’t just good for the environment. It’s a smart choice that can save you money on a month-to-month basis.

If you’re sold on solar and are looking for the best commercial installer in Lancaster, PA, look no further than Bright Eye Solar. If you’d like a closer look at the numbers and the potential benefits solar can have for your business, we can help with that, too. Keep reading to learn more or contact us directly to set up an appointment at your convenience with one of our team members.

Benefits of Commercial Solar

By far the biggest benefit to solar power is cost savings. Businesses can see a significant reduction in their monthly utility bills by adding a solar power system. Even a small installation will offset your expenses and provide a hedge against rate hikes — without compromising performance or reliability.

A grid-tied solar array can actively generate revenue by allowing you to participate in net metering programs, where excess energy is sold back to your utility company. Big or small, our commercial systems come with a five-year performance guarantee and are designed to pay for themselves over time.

Another benefit to commercial solar is the goodwill it generates among customers. A large installation is hard to miss when customers drive up to your property. Perhaps more so than other energy-saving measures, solar installations are a public signal that your organization is forward-thinking and committed to energy independence.

Getting Started

Bright Eye Solar begins each consultation with a thorough energy audit. We will assess your current power usage and recommend ways to run your business more efficiently. Solar installation options range from single panel roof-mounted systems, to larger canopy and parking lot arrays. Ground-mount systems are also available, and they are particularly useful in properties with a large amount of available outdoor space.

Businesses that are interested in installing a solar panel on their property may be able to take advantage of state and federal incentives to offset their initial costs. We’ll help you identify these opportunities and put together the paperwork necessary to expedite your approval. Solar leasing and traditional financing programs are also available — get in touch to learn more about your options.

Commercial Solar You Can Trust

Businesses in all industries need reliable power to serve their customers and stakeholders. Too often, larger operations will resist the benefits of solar out of fear that making changes to their electrical infrastructure will leave them vulnerable to blackouts.

The truth is that today’s commercial solar systems are more dependable than ever — especially when you partner with an experienced commercial installer such as Bright Eye Solar.

When you work with Bright Eye Solar, you are working with a commercial solar installer that:

  • Understands Lancaster’s unique weather and climate, and can design an appropriate system for your business.
  • Knows local building codes and bylaws, and will ensure your property is compliant.
  • Will perform a detailed site evaluation to give you a full picture of your options for going solar.
  • Works with leading manufacturers to offer quality installations at an affordable price.
  • Is a member of the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) and adheres to a set of industry-recognized ethical and technical standards.

Our commitment to our clients doesn’t end once the installation is done, either. While most solar systems are virtually maintenance-free, occasional checkups from an authorized commercial solar installer can help ensure you are getting the most use out of your system. We offer free remote monitoring of system efficiency, and we can also provide on-site support as necessary.

Our Service Area

Bright Eye Solar can provide commercial solar panel installations for Lancaster, PA and beyond. We are based in Central PA and have a long history of working with area businesses to develop customized, affordable commercial solar installations.

Your initial consultation with our team is free. We’re confident you’ll quickly discover why we’re the best commercial solar installer in Lancaster and will decide to make us your choice for all your energy efficiency needs. Ready to get started? Contact our office by phone or email, or by using the form on this page, to make an appointment at your convenience.

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