York, PA Solar Installation

Central PA has a lot to be proud of when it comes to solar energy use in PA. At Bright Eye, we’re so pleased that our region has stepped up to embracing solar energy. If you’d like info on how to approach a solar project, please get in touch with us.

You’ve found the right partner for home and commercial solar in York, PA!

Smart Commercial Solar for York, PA Businesses

Bright Eye Solar is among the best commercial solar panel installers for York, PA businesses. If you’re concerned about the cost of energy, a one-time investment in a solar array will provide you with years of power and performance you can count on. We specialize in custom-made systems that reflect the energy needs of a wide range of industrial customers. To start exploring your options, contact our office directly.

Commercial Solar Panel Options in York, PA

Solar power is a flexible alternative to fossil fuels. The technology has evolved considerably over the past few years — today’s systems are highly versatile, affordable and easy to use. Some of the many choices available to commercial customers include:

  • Grid-tied or off-grid: Off-grid solar systems offer complete energy independence. In this type of system, you are reliant on solar as your main source of power. This requires a larger panel installation and greater initial investment, though the ongoing costs are negligible. Grid-tied systems, on the other hand, leave you connected to the grid for backup power. This provides the freedom to make your installation as large or as small as you want, without worrying about running short on power.
  • Roof- or ground-mount: Roof mounting is a convenient option that makes use of space naturally facing the sun and is otherwise unused. It is an excellent choice for large buildings with good daylight exposure. Alternatively, a ground-mount solar system requires a large portion of unused land, but it allows for greater flexibility when determining the number and position of panels in your installation. Ground-mount systems are also more accessible, which makes maintenance easier.
  • Fixed or motorized: Commercial solar installations can be fixed in place or motorized to maximize exposure to the sun. Fixed installations cost less, though they may not be as efficient. Motorized installations will likely generate more power, though they require extra maintenance on an ongoing basis. The nature of your site and your budget will determine whether or not a motorized solar system is a worthwhile upgrade.

A Bright Eye Solar representative can go over these and other options with you in detail. Our team includes experienced solar installers who know how to match commercial clients with the best systems for their needs. We’ll perform a comprehensive energy audit and site assessment to develop a detailed plan showing just how much you can save over time.

Why Invest in Solar?

A commercial solar installation from York’s Bright Eye Solar is an investment — one that will deliver long-term returns for your business. Here’s why:

  • Solar offsets your reliance on the grid. The obvious reason for going solar is the cost savings. Even if you’re not wholly reliant on it for power, a small installation can offset your monthly utility bills and insulate you against seasonal price spikes. In many cases, grid-tied solar installations will give you the option of selling excess energy back to your utility provider, creating a useful additional revenue stream.
  • Solar generates goodwill. A solar panel installation makes a large and highly visible statement about your commitment to energy independence. Going green creates a strong positive impression on customers and other stakeholders — one that positions you as a forward-thinking, conscientious company that’s worthy of their business.
  • Solar is more affordable than ever before. Thanks to falling prices on equipment, combined with government incentive programs and flexible financing options, there has never been a better time than now to install a solar power system in your home or business. We offer a range of financing and leasing options, and every installation is backed by a five-year production guarantee.

Residential Solar in York, PA

We know a lot about residential solar panels and power in York, too. We’ve been installing units on rooftops just like yours for years.

We also have a strong relationship with local utilities, so you can get the best deal for you. That often means getting what’s called a “bi-directional meter” to track how much energy your solar panels produce. If you make more than your home is using, that extra power is sent to the grid and you get a credit for the energy you create.

That means solar panels not only work to power your home, but they also work every sunny day to save your wallet by creating energy that you get paid for. That’s a pretty great deal.

Part of our commitment to solar energy here in York, PA is also working with people like you and local governments to make sure you get all of the rebates, incentives and tax breaks that you can. We’ll walk you through standard federal programs, options Pennsylvania offers and the specific savings you can get by installing panels in York, PA.

Why Bright Eye Solar?

Bright Eye Solar is committed to becoming the best commercial solar installer for York, PA businesses. We provide full-service support throughout the installation process and free long-term performance monitoring for as long as you own your system.

Our installers are certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP), a leading industry organization, and our team includes a journeyman electrician who consults on every project we complete. We’re also an accredited member of the Interstate Renewable Energy Council, Inc. (IREC), and are fully registered and insured to work in Pennsylvania.

In short, we are your local experts for commercial solar power in York, PA. We know our region better than anyone, and we provide the personalized service and support you can only get from a small business. To get started, call, email or use the form on this page to arrange your free initial consultation with a knowledgeable member of our team.

Try an Energy Audit to Protect Your Budget

Bright Eye Solar offers a complete service package to businesses and homeowners in York, allowing you to get the best energy savings possible. To help determine where you can save, we offer an energy audit.

This audit involves a certified energy analyst coming to your building to discuss your needs, then looking at your property and inspecting some equipment to see if you’re losing energy, overusing it in some areas or if there are other savings you can achieve through smart tactics like changing utility companies.

Check out this page for a better understanding of how we use energy audits to save our customers money, and then use the button below to contact us and get started with your solar journey!