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Solar Panels for Homes in MD

Bright Eye Solar LLC provides residential solar energy and solar installation in Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey. Contact us directly to start working with one of the best teams in the business to find the right products, financing and installation time for you.

Maryland’s Many Tax Incentive Programs

Residential solar in Maryland is getting a big boost thanks to a significant number of incentives and savings for homeowners. Here’s just a look at a few of the incentives that might be available to you and your home.

Maryland Residential Clean Energy Grant Program

Maryland offers a $1,000 grant for the installation of solar systems that are up to 20kW. Grants are available for residential solar installation in MD, so you can likely qualify.

City and County Savings

In Maryland, different locations add on their own benefits. This can include the city of Baltimore, or counties like Prince George’s out near Washington, D.C. Here is just a quick look at some local area benefits for residential solar in MD:

  • Anne Arundel has a one-year property tax credit of up to 50% for solar panel installation, though it tops out at costs up to $2,500.
  • Baltimore offers a property tax credit of up to 50% of total installation costs, or $5,000 — whichever is lesser. The credit maximum can go higher or lower here, because it’s based on property tax values.
  • Harford offers up a property tax credit of up to $2,500.
  • Prince George’s County provides a property tax credit of up to 50% of total installation costs up to $5,000.


The state also offers Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) that allow you to sell electricity to local utility providers. Maryland utility companies have to reach a certain level of SREC to meet state energy diversity demands. Every 1,000 kw hours is worth a credit that provides savings on your electricity bills. In the first quarter of 2016, Maryland’s SREC values averaged about $35.

And Don’t Forget Federal

Solar panels for homes in MD can also get federal benefits, creating even greater savings. Federal rebates cover 30% of your installation price through your annual tax return. You’ll receive your money as a tax rebate, and you can roll over the credit to the following year if it negates your liability.

Embrace the Maryland Sun

Residential solar installation is common in MD because the majority of the state has more than 200 sunny days each year. It’s often warm, direct sunlight thanks to local currents that keep clouds moving away on sunny days.

Bright Eye Residential Solar Panels for MD

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