Pennsylvania Residential Solar

Based in Central Pennsylvania, Bright Eye Solar is the expert for PA residential solar energy! We’ll work with you to develop a plan that’s right for your home and help you take advantage of the available financial incentives!

Residential Solar Panels in PA

Bright Eye Solar LLC provides residential solar energy and solar installation in Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey. Contact us directly to start working with one of the best teams in the business to find the right products, financing and installation time for you.

We’re Local!

Bright Eye Solar is based here in Lancaster, so we know all the local codes and laws, and how well solar can perform in our region. We specialize in residential and commercial solar installation across PA and the surrounding areas.

Our great state has made a commitment to increasing our use of solar energy, and Pennsylvania’s Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard requires that our electricity providers have 18% of their total energy come from alternative sources including solar. When you add solar panels to your homes in PA, you’re helping us all live a greener energy life.

Sometimes, though, words just won’t do. With that in mind, we invite you to take a look at our residential solar projects throughout Pennsylvania. See what we can do for you and your home.

Many Tax Incentives Available to You

Our state offers a variety of rebates for residential solar installation in PA. The legislature has set aside significant funds and has also extended its residential solar tax credit programs through the end of 2016. That means you get a 30% investment tax credit for your system installation, no matter where you live.

Other programs will depend on the size of your installation and equipment. Most will give you a benefit with a photovoltaic home system, while others will give you benefits for appliances like solar water heaters. Essentially, you can find multiple rebate programs for your solar systems if it generates electricity, heats or cools your home, or creates hot water — either for home use or to provide solar process heat.

You can learn more about the residential solar Pennsylvania benefits here, and we’ll help you get all of the rebates available when you work with Bright Eye Solar LLC.

PA Is Perfect for Solar

Ever wonder why you see so many solar panels for homes in PA? It’s because you can actually make money off of solar if you’ll be in your home for more than just a couple years. The average Pennsylvania home is able to cut about $8,000 off of its initial cost through incentive programs, completely pays off the system (at 5-kW) in under 11 years, and then starts generating a profit for your home.

Learn About Solar Energy Net Metering

Even better, homes in our area increase their value by roughly $16,000 thanks to solar panels.

Bright Eye Solar LLC is registered as a home improvement contractor here in PA, and we carry $2 million in liability insurance so you can feel safe and comfortable with our installation process in your home. Contact us now to learn more!

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