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Looking to reduce your carbon footprint or gain some control over rising energy costs? Bright Eye Solar is a leading solar installer for Harrisburg homes. We can help you determine if a solar installation is right for your home, carefully going over the benefits, installation options and available incentives based on our in-depth understanding of the central PA area. Located in Lancaster, we are a short drive from Harrisburg and can provide on-site service at your convenience.

Home Solar in Harrisburg, PA

Adding a solar installation to your home is a one-time investment that will deliver benefits for years to come. Large installations can run your home entirely for extended periods of time, whereas small systems can offset your reliance on conventional power sources. Grid-tied systems are our most popular option, as they avoid reliability issues while also potentially allowing you to sell excess energy back to your utility company during periods of high production.

Practically all Harrisburg homes qualify for tax rebates and other incentives that reduce the cost of purchasing and installing a solar system. In fact, the average homeowner will save $8000 through a combination of federal, state and local programs. Once installed, your system will be good for 25 years or more, adding value to your home and reducing your monthly utility bills.

Don’t want to buy your system outright? We offer leasing and financing arrangements for Harrisburg homeowners, too. Let one of our team members run the numbers and show you how affordable it can be.

Why Bright Eye Solar?

Solar is an increasingly popular choice in Harrisburg and beyond. As this market has grown, homeowners now have several contractors to choose from. So, what makes Bright Eye Solar your best option? We’re:

  • Accredited: Bright Eye Solar is IREC-accredited, as well as an approved and listed installer for the Pennsylvania Sunshine Grant. Our installers are NABCEP®-certified, and our staff includes a journeyman electrician who consults on all complex residential projects.
  • Local: We are an independent, locally-owned business committed to treating our customers like neighbors. We prioritize great service that respects your needs, budget and your home every step of the way.
  • Transparent: Excellent communication is the key to our success. We strive to demystify solar for homeowners by explaining your options clearly, outlining all costs and benefits, and helping you make an informed decision.

At Bright Eye Solar, energy efficiency is something we take seriously. That’s why we offer free home energy audits with every solar installation over 6kw. A solar installation is only worth it if the rest of your home is as efficient as possible. Our audits look at everything from your insulation to your appliances to identify areas where further improvements will have the most benefit.

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Your initial, no-obligation consultation with the Bright Eye Solar team is free. If you decide to proceed, we’ll draw up a detailed proposal outlining all costs and explaining the installation process in detail.

Get started by calling, emailing or using the form on this page to request an appointment at your convenience.