Harrisburg, PA Solar Installation

Solar energy continues to become more and more popular in central Pennsylvania, especially in Harrisburg. At Bright Eye Solar, we’re excited to see the continued growth of both commercial and residential projects. Read on to learn more about what’s happening and how it benefits the capitol region or contact us to discuss any specific projects you had in mind.

Ask Bright Eye About Residential and Commercial Solar Energy

Central Pennsylvania is a hotbed of solar energy and new solar installations, and that includes both commercial and residential solar here in Harrisburg, PA. Bright Eye Solar, LLC, is proud to be part of that growth by offering a wide range of services that benefit you in in the capital region.

Commercial Solar for Harrisburg, PA

Bright Eye Solar offers a variety of commercial installation options if you’re considering solar energy in Harrisburg, PA. Our efforts target businesses that stand to benefit from gains of any level, and we work with your team to meet all of the local, state and federal requirements to help you get the most out of the available tax incentives and rebates.

Treat your business right by reducing operational costs, seeing a significant ROI over the years and by giving your customers something they can back: greener energy from you, a partner they trust.

Learn about our process here.

Residential Solar in Harrisburg, PA

Solar power in Harrisburg is taking the residential market by storm. Many of your friends and neighbors all across town are adopting solar panels because they’re an eco-friendly way to cut down on energy costs and your reliance on the grid.

Whether you want a system that works to store all of your energy or uses a new power meter that sends excess solar energy to the grid (and you get paid for that energy!) we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for in Harrisburg.

Get Your Energy Audit Today!

One of the services we offer for both commercial solar and residential solar in Harrisburg is an energy audit designed to evaluate your building, office or home’s overall use of energy.

Our experts can determine appliances that might need repairs or replacement, look for leaks that may cause you to heat or cool too much, or even make recommendations about local utilities and options that can save you money.

Of course, we’re big fans of solar — but if your location will do better with a different energy setup, we’ll let you know and provide you with recommendations that are right for you.

We Know Solar Panels for Harrisburg

Bright Eye Solar has been serving the Harrisburg market for years, so we know all of the local, state and federal regulations, rebates and other deals that will help you make the most out of your next solar installation.

One of Harrisburg’s proudest achievements in recent memory was the installation of 74 solar panels on GreenWorks Development’s Campus Square. These solar panels are generating enough power to light up 13 homes a year! To date, it’s one of the largest commercial solar installations in central PA, and it’s proving to be the perfect power backup in the event that the electrical grid goes offline.

Harrisburg has its own look and feel, with a variety of historic neighborhoods, homes and businesses. We work hard with all of our customers to ensure that the beauty and history aren’t lost. Bright Eye Solar provides solar energy installations and services in Harrisburg, PA and neighboring areas of Carlisle, Dauphin, Halifax, Millersburg, and Hershey. Reach out to learn about how you can safely and affordably add solar panels to your Harrisburg home or business.

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