Harrisburg Solar

Harrisburg Solar Installation Services

Based in nearby Lancaster, Bright Eye Solar is the ideal partner for any homeowner or business looking for a solar installation in Harrisburg. We provide project management, design consulting and installation service for solar systems of any size. Our team will work with you every step of the way to determine the best setup for your needs, help you identify financing options and local incentives, and provide on-site maintenance and monitoring as necessary.

Commercial Solar Services for Harrisburg Businesses

Bright Eye Solar works with businesses of any size, in any industry. We understand many organizations have special energy needs, and that most of our commercial clients can’t afford unpredictability or unanticipated downtime.

If you’re considering adding a solar panel to your facility, we’ll go over your requirements in a detailed consultation, and provide several options customized to your business. We can also put together a financial plan outlining all the costs involved, any potential incentives or tax credits and other information that will affect your decision to go solar.

Harrisburg Residential Solar Services

Harrisburg businesses aren’t the only properties in the capital region that can switch to solar. Bright Eye Solar also offers solutions and options for Harrisburg homes. We can design and install both grid-tied and standalone systems that mount inconspicuously to your roof, or elsewhere on the home.

We know the Harrisburg region better than anyone and can help you identify federal, state and local-level tax credits that offset the initial costs. Whether you’re installing a single panel or a more comprehensive system, no residential job is too big or too small for the experts at Bright Eye Solar!

Benefits of Solar

Whether you’re a homeowner or a prominent business, there are many benefits to switching to solar. Of course, the main advantage is that it’s better for the environment. Moving away from fossil fuels is the right thing to do for the planet. If you’re a business, it also clearly articulates your values and helps you attract customers who are conscious about the impact they have on the planet, as well.

Aside from these lofty sentiments, solar is also the clear financial choice. A one-time investment in a solar setup — made easier with one of our financing or lease plans — protects you from rising energy prices. It also makes budgeting simpler on a month-to-month basis. It could even serve as an additional revenue stream if your utility provider allows to you sell energy back to the grid.

Why Choose Bright Eye Solar?

Bright Eye Solar in unique among solar installation contractors near Harrisburg. We have a reputation for expertise and great customer service. Our team includes NABCEP®-certified installers, journeymen electricians and other experienced professionals who can bring creativity and deep industry insight to every project.

We take the time to educate our customers on their options, so they can make an informed decision with full transparency into the costs and benefits of each job. It all begins with an in-depth consultation with one of our team members. To request a meeting at your convenience, call or email our head office today.