York County

York, PA Solar Installation

Central PA has a lot to be proud of when it comes to solar energy use in PA. At Bright Eye, we’re so pleased that our region has stepped up to embracing solar energy. If you’d like info on how to approach a solar project, please get in touch with us.

You’ve found the right partner for home and commercial solar in York, PA!

Commercial Solar for York, PA

Bright Eye Solar is the commercial solar power expert in York! We work with businesses to choose the best financing options and take advantage of exclusive rebates.

Contact us to learn how we can save you money starting in the very first month, provide you with multiple finance options and even give you a few ideas about how to tell your customers you’ve “gone green.” We’ll also ensure that you know all of the rebate and incentive programs available to businesses here in York, allowing you to make the most informed decision that’s right for you.

Residential Solar in York, PA

We know a lot about residential solar panels and power in York, too. We’ve been installing units on rooftops just like yours for years.

We also have a strong relationship with local utilities, so you can get the best deal for you. That often means getting what’s called a “bi-directional meter” to track how much energy your solar panels produce. If you make more than your home is using, that extra power is sent to the grid and you get a credit for the energy you create.

That means solar panels not only work to power your home, but they also work every sunny day to save your wallet by creating energy that you get paid for. That’s a pretty great deal.

Part of our commitment to solar energy here in York, PA is also working with people like you and local governments to make sure you get all of the rebates, incentives and tax breaks that you can. We’ll walk you through standard federal programs, options Pennsylvania offers and the specific savings you can get by installing panels in York, PA.

Try an Energy Audit to Protect Your Budget

Bright Eye Solar offers a complete service package to businesses and homeowners in York, allowing you to get the best energy savings possible. To help determine where you can save, we offer an energy audit.

This audit involves a certified energy analyst coming to your building to discuss your needs, then looking at your property and inspecting some equipment to see if you’re losing energy, overusing it in some areas or if there are other savings you can achieve through smart tactics like changing utility companies.

Check out this page for a better understanding of how we use energy audits to save our customers money, and then use the button below to contact us and get started with your solar journey!

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