York Solar

York Solar Installation Services

York residents and businesses can count on Bright Eye Solar for all their solar needs. We specialize in new system design and installation and have a long history of delivering on our promises to our customers. Based in nearby Lancaster, we are an ideal partner for anyone considering using sustainable, affordable solar power to run their home or business.

Why Solar?

Thanks to modern technologies and government incentives, solar power is easier and more affordable than ever before. Today’s solar installations are intuitive, efficient and virtually maintenance-free. Best of all, as the popularity of solar increases, more options are becoming available for financing your purchase. If you don’t want to buy your system outright, we can arrange an affordable lease or power purchase agreement. We can also help identify tax incentives and rebates that can offset your initial costs.

Worried solar will be unreliable? We can design a system that remains tied to the grid, so you always have power when you need it. With many grid-tied systems, you have the option of selling excess electricity back to your utility provider, creating an additional revenue stream.

Explore your options with a Bright Eye Solar representative today. As part of our consultation process, we’ll provide you with a free energy audit that identifies additional repairs, upgrades and investments you can make that will further increase the efficiency of your property.

Commercial Solar for York Businesses

Businesses that add a solar panel installation to their property enjoy lower, more predictable overhead costs on a month-to-month basis. When you make Bright Eye Solar your choice for commercial solar in York, PA, we’ll provide you with a detailed prospectus outlining your path to an ROI.

As a local business, we understand your needs and will work to make solar affordable and accessible to you. Whether you’re a small retail operation or a large industrial facility, you have options for offsetting your reliance on fossil fuels. Solar is great for the environment, good for your budget and sends a message to your customers that you’re taking steps to be a more sustainable business.

Residential Solar for Homes in York, PA

Solar power is also an appropriate choice for homes in York, PA. Panels mount unobtrusively to your roof or, if you have a larger property, on a freestanding pole in the yard. Our engineers are skilled at determining the optimal installation setup, while respecting any homeowners’ association guidelines, local bylaws or other important considerations. We’ll help you fill out the paperwork to apply for state, federal and municipal incentives that make purchasing your system affordable.

At Bright Eye Solar, we are your partner for every step of the process, from design onward. Our convenient location in Lancaster means we can provide on-site preventative maintenance if required and respond quickly if emergency service issues arise.

Contact Bright Eye Solar Today

Learn more about the benefits of residential or commercial solar panels in York, PA, by contacting the Bright Eye Solar office. One of our representatives will be happy to arrange a meeting and site survey at your convenience.