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Bright Eye Solar is an energy company that installs expert grid tied solar panel systems with battery backup.


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From consultation to installation, we're dedicated to a solar system design that delivers.

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Reduce reliance on non-renewable resources or materials that require refinement to generate electricity.


Solar Tax Incentives

Solar system companies can help you access state and federal incentives for homeowners and businesses.


Why Choose Bright Eye Solar for Your Solar Panel Installation Needs?

Thanks to state and federal incentives, solar panel installation in PA is a cost-saving measure for most businesses and homes. With a solar electric installation, you can break free from the ever-increasing costs of traditional fossil fuels and reduce your carbon footprint. Financial savings, environmental impact, and energy independence from your local electric utility are just a few of the benefits you can receive by making the switch. This is true for both solar for residential and solar for business locations. You can trust one of the best solar companies in PA for a seamless installation experience. Click below to find out more!

Bright Eye Solar are the leading solar panels installers in Lancaster, PA. Proudly serving the residents of Lancaster with their solar panel, solar battery backups, ground mounted solar panels, and roof mounted solar panels needs.







Should I get solar panels for my home or business?

Chat with us about your location to see if solar power is right for you.


Bright Eye Solar is the go to solar panel installers for residential solar, commercial solar, and agricultural solar in Lancaster, PA.

Businesses toss out words like analytics and Big Data to claim savings and support, but they often leave us scratching our heads about what it all means. Well, our analysis of your home or building is straightforward. When you contact us for installing solar energy, we visit you.

Our expert solar panel installers will look at the shade around your property and roof to ensure that the panels won’t be obstructed – no one wants to pay for solar panels that don’t sit in the sun. After that, we look at historical data on your local weather patterns and point out the places we think you’ll have the best luck with solar panels.

Bright Eye performs the research and you receive a customized plan to facilitate simple and effective solar panel installation in PA or throughout the Northeast.



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Each year, electricity and other utility costs go up by about 5%. That figure has been consistent even as more customers and businesses turn to alternative energy sources like commercial or residential solar energy and reduce their consumption of water, natural gas, and electricity.

We’d all love to think that giant energy companies will find it in their hearts to lower our rates and find sustainable ways to produce more with less. It seems unlikely to us, and probably to you as well, since you’re here, researching solar energy options.

Good call. Why not take charge of your energy future? Maybe even sell some back to the grid and have them pay YOU for a change? Customers turn to Bright Eye Solar as one of the best solar panel companies in PA to solve rising energy costs with sunlight.

Solar Panels FAQ's

Bright Eye Solar is your trusted partner for solar panel installations in Lancaster, PA. Our expert team specializes in providing top-notch solar solutions for both homes and businesses. From efficient solar panel designs to seamless installations, we prioritize your energy needs. Explore our range of high-quality solar panels, including monocrystalline and polycrystalline options, tailored to maximize efficiency and affordability. Embrace clean, renewable energy with Bright Eye Solar—your go-to choice for reliable solar installations in Lancaster, PA. Contact us today for a greener and more sustainable future.

Bright Eye Solar are an expert solar panel installation company in Lancaster, PA. Where we install the best commercial solar panels, residential solar panels, farm solar panels, solar battery and backups, and gas generators to the community of Lancaster.

Net metering allows residential and commercial solar customers to sell the electricity they don’t use back to the grid. If your solar panels overproduce, your electric meter will run backwards and provide a credit against periods when your use exceeds your system’s output. In other words, you’re only billed for your “net” energy use. Best of all, utility companies in some states (like Pennsylvania) will actually pay you for your leftover energy!

Bright Eye Solar is a leading provider of solar panel installation services for both residential and commercial clients in Lancaster, PA. Our comprehensive range of services includes the design, installation, and maintenance of solar panels to harness clean and sustainable solar power. With a focus on cutting-edge technology, our expert team ensures seamless integration of solar panels to maximize energy efficiency.

At Bright Eye Solar, we offer tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of homes and businesses. Our services encompass the entire solar panel installation process, from initial consultation and site assessment to the final connection to the grid. We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch solar power solutions that not only reduce electricity bills but also contribute to a greener environment.

Our commitment to quality extends beyond installation. Bright Eye Solar provides ongoing support, including maintenance and repairs, ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your solar panels. As a customer-centric company, we stay abreast of government incentives and rebates, helping you navigate potential financial benefits for your solar power investment.

Choose Bright Eye Solar for reliable, efficient, and customized solar panel solutions for your home or business. Experience the transformative power of solar energy with our industry-leading services.

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Harness the power of solar panels to revolutionize your home or business with Bright Eye Solar’s cutting-edge solutions. Installing solar panels offers a multitude of benefits, enhancing both environmental sustainability and financial savings. By tapping into solar power, you reduce your reliance on conventional energy sources, contributing to a greener future.

For homes, solar panels significantly lower electricity bills, providing a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative. With our expertly designed residential solar solutions, you can enjoy increased energy independence while minimizing your carbon footprint. Bright Eye Solar ensures seamless integration, tailored to your specific energy needs and architectural considerations.

For businesses, solar panels not only slash operational costs but also position your company as an environmentally responsible leader. The transition to solar power enhances your brand image and can attract eco-conscious customers. Our commercial solar installations are optimized for efficiency, offering a reliable and sustainable energy source.

Moreover, solar power systems often come with government incentives and rebates, amplifying the financial benefits. Bright Eye Solar is your partner in unlocking the full potential of solar energy for your home or business, delivering a brighter, more sustainable future. Embrace the power of solar panels today!


Before embarking on the journey to harness solar power for your home or business, there are crucial factors to consider when contemplating solar panel installation with Bright Eye Solar. Firstly, assess your property’s solar potential through a comprehensive site analysis, ensuring optimal sunlight exposure for maximum energy production.

Consider your energy needs and consumption patterns to determine the appropriate solar panel system size. Our expert team at Bright Eye Solar specializes in tailoring solar solutions, ensuring they align seamlessly with your specific requirements, whether for residential or commercial purposes.

Evaluate the condition of your roof, as a structurally sound and well-maintained surface is vital for the successful installation of solar panels. Additionally, consider your geographical location and local regulations, as they may impact the feasibility and efficiency of your solar power system.

Financial considerations are also paramount. Bright Eye Solar can guide you through available incentives, rebates, and financing options to maximize your return on investment. Our commitment to transparency means you’ll have a clear understanding of the costs and potential savings associated with your solar panel installation.

By taking these factors into account, you can make informed decisions about implementing solar panels with Bright Eye Solar, ensuring a seamless transition to sustainable and cost-effective solar power for your property.

Absolutely! Bright Eye Solar takes pride in providing customized solar panel solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of both homes and businesses. Our commitment to delivering top-notch solar installations extends to understanding and addressing the specific requirements of each customer.

At Bright Eye Solar, we recognize that every property is different, and energy needs vary. That’s why we offer personalized solar solutions to ensure maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Our team of experts collaborates closely with clients to design and implement solar panel systems that seamlessly integrate with their structures and energy consumption patterns.

Whether you’re a homeowner seeking a residential solar solution or a business owner looking to enhance energy sustainability, our customized solar panels are designed to meet your expectations. We take into account factors such as roof orientation, available space, and energy consumption, ensuring that the solar panels we install optimize your property’s solar potential.

Choose Bright Eye Solar for a tailored solar experience that goes beyond the one-size-fits-all approach. Our commitment to customization ensures that you receive the most efficient and effective solar panel solution for your specific needs. Experience the power of personalized solar solutions with Bright Eye Solar today.

Embark on the journey to sustainable energy with Bright Eye Solar’s streamlined process for solar panel installation. Our hassle-free approach ensures a smooth transition to clean and efficient solar power for both homes and businesses.

  1. Consultation and Assessment: Kick off the process with a consultation where our experts assess your property’s solar potential. We consider factors like roof condition, sunlight exposure, and energy needs to tailor the perfect solar solution for you.
  2. Customized Design: Once we understand your unique requirements, Bright Eye Solar designs a customized solar panel system optimized for your property. Our focus is on maximizing energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  3. Professional Installation: Our skilled technicians take care of the installation process, ensuring precision and adherence to industry standards. We handle everything from mounting the solar panels to connecting them to the electrical grid.
  4. Quality Assurance: At Bright Eye Solar, we prioritize quality. Our installations undergo rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance and longevity, providing you with a reliable and efficient solar power system.
  5. Government Incentives and Rebates: We guide you through potential government incentives and rebates, maximizing your financial benefits and ensuring a strong return on investment.
  6. Ongoing Support: Our commitment doesn’t end with installation. Bright Eye Solar provides continuous support, including maintenance and repairs, to keep your solar panels operating at peak efficiency.

Experience the ease of transitioning to solar power with Bright Eye Solar—your trusted partner for seamless solar panel installations.

Certainly! Bright Eye Solar is dedicated to helping you maximize the benefits of solar panel installation, including taking advantage of government incentives and rebates to make your transition to clean energy more affordable.

Government Incentives: Bright Eye Solar keeps you informed about various government incentives available for solar panel installations. These incentives often come in the form of tax credits, grants, or subsidies, reducing the overall cost of your solar power system.

Tax Credits: Many governments offer tax credits to individuals and businesses investing in solar energy. Our team will guide you through the process of claiming these credits, ensuring you receive the maximum financial benefit for your solar panel installation.

Rebates: In addition to tax incentives, certain regions may offer rebates for solar installations. Bright Eye Solar stays up-to-date with these programs, assisting you in accessing any available rebates to further offset the upfront costs of going solar.

By choosing Bright Eye Solar, you not only embrace sustainable energy but also gain access to potential financial incentives that enhance the overall value of your solar investment. Contact us to explore the government incentives and rebates applicable to your solar panel installation, making your journey towards cleaner energy more economically advantageous.

Certainly! Bright Eye Solar is committed to ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your solar panel investment by offering comprehensive maintenance and repair services.

Solar Panel Maintenance: Bright Eye Solar understands that regular maintenance is crucial for the continued efficiency of your solar panels. Our professional team provides routine inspections, cleaning, and performance checks to address any potential issues before they impact your system’s output. This proactive approach helps maximize energy production and extends the lifespan of your solar panels.

Repairs and Troubleshooting: In the event of any issues with your solar panels, Bright Eye Solar has a dedicated team of experts ready to address repairs promptly. Whether it’s a malfunctioning component, wiring issue, or any other technical problem, our skilled technicians are equipped to diagnose and fix the issue efficiently.

Emergency Services: We understand that unexpected problems may arise, which is why Bright Eye Solar offers emergency repair services. Our rapid response ensures minimal downtime for your solar power system, allowing you to continue enjoying the benefits of clean and sustainable energy.

Choose Bright Eye Solar for reliable and professional solar panel maintenance and repair services. Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond installation, providing you with peace of mind for the entire lifespan of your solar panels.

Bright Eye Solar understands the importance of a swift return on investment (ROI) for your solar panel installation. The timeline for experiencing financial returns varies based on several factors, and we’re here to guide you through the process.

Factors Influencing ROI: The time to see a return on your solar panel investment depends on factors such as system size, local sunlight conditions, energy consumption patterns, and available incentives. Our experts at Bright Eye Solar conduct a detailed assessment to provide a personalized estimate tailored to your specific circumstances.

Efficient System Design: Bright Eye Solar prioritizes the design of efficient solar panel systems to accelerate your ROI. By optimizing the system size and placement, we aim to maximize energy production, ensuring you start enjoying savings on your electricity bills sooner.

Government Incentives: Explore available government incentives and tax credits, as they can significantly impact the time it takes to recoup your investment. Bright Eye Solar keeps you informed about these opportunities to accelerate your ROI.

While individual circumstances vary, many Bright Eye Solar customers experience a substantial reduction in energy costs within a few years, leading to a faster return on their solar panel investment. Contact us to discuss your specific situation and discover how quickly you can start enjoying the financial benefits of solar energy.

Absolutely! Bright Eye Solar understands that investing in solar panels is a significant decision, and we offer flexible financing options to make the transition to solar energy more accessible for both homes and businesses.

Solar Panel Financing Solutions: Bright Eye Solar provides tailored financing solutions to meet your specific needs. Whether you are a homeowner looking to switch to clean energy or a business owner aiming to enhance sustainability, our financing options cater to various budgets and preferences.

Low-Interest Rates: Our financing programs feature competitive and low-interest rates, ensuring that you can enjoy the benefits of solar energy without a hefty upfront cost. We aim to make solar panel installations financially feasible, allowing you to experience immediate savings on your energy bills.

Transparent Payment Plans: Bright Eye Solar prioritizes transparency in our financing process. Our team will walk you through the available payment plans, helping you understand the costs and benefits associated with your solar panel investment.

Maximize Your Investment: By opting for financing with Bright Eye Solar, you can maximize your investment in clean and renewable energy, contributing to a greener future while enjoying immediate cost savings. Contact us to explore financing options tailored to your solar panel installation needs and make the switch to sustainable energy today.


If you are ready to take care of your future energy costs and supply, contact our solar energy Lancaster PA business for a quick chat about your location to see if solar power is right for you.