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Thanks to state and federal incentives, solar panel installation in PA is a cost-saving measure for most businesses and homes. With solar, you can break free from the ever-increasing costs of traditional fossil fuels and reduce your carbon footprint. Financial savings, environmental impact, and energy independence from your local electric utility are just a few of the benefits you can receive by making the switch. Click below to find out more!

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How the Bright Eye Solar process works:


Initial Consultation
and Evaluation

We will speak to you over the phone to answer any questions you may have, and determine if your location is right for solar.

Determine Project
Details and Proposal

We will visit the proposed site to conduct a comprehensive assessment. We will use that information to provide you with a no-obligation proposal.

Installation and
Ongoing Support

We handle the engineering, installation, and all necessary inspections. This means you get to enjoy your new solar system and energy savings without any fuss.

What is the analysis?

What is the analysis?
Businesses toss out words like analytics and Big Data to claim savings and support, but they often leave us scratching our heads about what it all means. Well, our analysis of your home or building is straightforward. When you contact us about Pennsylvania solar energy, we visit you.We’ll look at the shade around your property and roof to ensure that the panels won’t be obstructed — no one wants to pay for solar panels that don’t sit in the sun. After that, we look at historical data on your local weather patterns and point out the places we think you’ll have the best luck with solar panels.Bright Eye performs the research and you receive a customized plan to facilitate simple and effective solar panel installation in PA or throughout the Northeast.

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Proudly serving PA, MD, NJ, NY, DE, MA and CT

Welcome to Bright Eye Solar, LLC, your Pennsylvania-based solar panel and power installer for homes and businesses. We provide a full service from consultation and checks to expert installation and years of strong support.

While we’re at home in Pennsylvania, solar energy is creating major savings for our customers throughout the Northeast. Our expert staff has looked into all of the major solar markets to determine what rebates, tax incentives, and other savings are available to you no matter where you live or work. If a savings is there, we’ll help you find it.

Try Bright Eye Solar For Pennslvania Solar Power

At Bright Eye Solar, we’re dedicated to helping people in Lancaster, West Chester, and surrounding areas such as York, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, and Baltimore switch to a cleaner and more affordable solar energy solution. We’re adding letters to our list, so we’ve got you covered in all of PA, MD, NJ, NY, DE, MA and CT!

Bright Eye provides high-quality, affordable products and services, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about this alternative energy. Our staff consists of experienced professionals who have extensive training and knowledge in powering homes and businesses with solar power.

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Think energy costs will be going down?

Each year, electricity and other utility costs go up by about 5%. That figure has been consistent even as more customers and businesses turn to alternative energy sources like solar and reduce their consumption of water, natural gas and electricity.

We’d all love to think that giant energy companies will find it in their hearts to lower our rates and find sustainable ways to produce more with less. It seems unlikely to us, and probably to you as well, since you’re here, researching solar energy options.

Good call. Why not take charge of your energy future? Maybe even sell some back to the grid and have them pay YOU for a change?

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