August 2017

Best Ways to Finance Your Solar Panels

The field of solar energy is booming, with a 60% increase in solar power generation in the United States annually during the last decade. More people add solar panels and equipment to homes, office buildings and different energy generation stations nationwide. The future looks bright for solar energy. If you want to be part of this growing field, now is an excellent time to consider adding solar equipment to your home.

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How Solar Can Benefit PA Agriculture

Agriculture has been big business in Pennsylvania since before European settlement. The present state’s fertile plains and farmland provide ample opportunities for growing crops and raising livestock. The most recent survey of agriculture in PA, conducted in 2012, identified a total of 59,309 farms spread out across 7,704,444 acres statewide. Major industries include dairy production, corn, wheat, oats, and soy. Pennsylvania also leads the country in Agaricus mushroom farming and ranks highly as a producer of apples, Christmas trees, and grapes.

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Climate Change and Solar Power: What You Need to Know

It’s an undeniable fact that human activity — in particular, burning fossil fuels — is having a permanent, big-picture impact on the planet’s climate. A full discussion of the current scientific understanding of climate change is beyond the scope of this article, though the main takeaway is easy to understand. To prevent a dramatic change in our planet’s climate, we must take steps to reduce carbon emissions today.

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