September 2019

Solar Energy Back-Up & Solar Energy Storage

Solar panels are quickly becoming a favorite alternative source of energy in many homes across the United States. As a result, new renewable technology has emerged in the form of solar batteries that work by storing solar energy, which allow you to keep your lights on even when the power is out. That’s why Bright Eye Solar has developed solutions that when installed with your solar panels, make solar-plus storage a sensible addition to your clean, renewable energy system.

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Residential Solar Financing

Owning a solar panel system has been made easier and more affordable by today’s solar financing options. The cost of a solar panel system is dependent solely on its overall size. At Bright Eye Solar, we offer a wide range of residential solar financing solutions that are tailored to meet your solar energy needs and budget.

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Ground-Mounted Solar Panels

While rooftop solar panels are more common than ground-mounted solar panels, they cannot be installed on all types of properties. Rooftop variants typically face the south, south-east or south-west to receive direct sunlight. If your roof is not positioned in the abovementioned manner, you should consider ground panels instead. Bright Eye Solar offers professional solar panel installation services. We are the perfect team to help you go solar!

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