How Much Power Does Your Solar Panel Generate In Allentown?

Solar Panel System

Before you can find out the amount of solar power generated per square root, you first need to understand how a solar panel functions. You may look at it as a simple math problem. If a solar panel that is 4 feet wide and 5 feet long generates 400 watts, it must mean that each square foot generates 20 watts. However, that is not the case. You have to put a photovoltaic (PV) solar panel system to the test in real world conditions to see how well it functions. The key to generating the greatest amount of power per square root lies in how well a solar panel is manufactured to handle spectrum, angle, temperature and amount of light.

Solar Panel Spectrum

Some people may think that solar panels only work properly on sunny days. However, they can still function when the sky is cloudy. Although clouds obstruct a large amount of light, they do not block the entire spectrum of light. Quality solar panels will be able to utilize more ultraviolet and infrared light than the average solar panels. This means that you will require fewer solar panels to generate the same amount of energy.

Solar Panel Angle

A solar panel system is typically installed based on your home’s unique orientation to the sun. They are usually placed to face the south where most of the direct sunlight comes from. Since solar panels receive the sun’s light rays at different angles throughout the day, many solar panels are made with anti-reflective glass which allows light that enters the panel to reflect back into the solar cell to ensure the maximum amount of power is produced. The problem is that the anti-reflective glass on solar panels can become damaged over time due to wear and tear. Good quality solar panels like the ones from Bright Eye Solar LLC are designed to have low degradation rates, providing you with efficient power production for a long time.

Solar Panel Temperature

It is not uncommon for heat to be equated with solar power since heat is related to a lot of sunlight. Unfortunately, excess heat may damage your solar panels, causing them to become less efficient in the long run. Power production is typically affected after temperatures rise above 77 degrees Fahrenheit. To avoid this problem, invest in solar panels from Bright Eye Solar LLC. Our panels are specially designed with a low temperature coefficient to significantly reduce power production losses in the face of high temperatures.

Amount of Light

Solar panels generate the most power around the middle of the day. However, this may vary depending on where you live. Trees, leaves, dust and other obstructions may prevent some light from reaching your solar panels, causing it to have a smaller output. Shading doesn’t just reduce power production; it also damages your solar panels in the long term. To combat this, Bright Eye Solar LLC will conduct a though site survey and shading assessment. Additionally Bright Eye Solar designs solar panels that are much more efficient compared to competitors. This allows you to utilize a smaller area of your roof for your panels which decreases the chances of panels being installed in shaded areas. Now that you understand more about the power production of solar panels, it is time to get yourself a quality photovoltaic (PV) solar system for your home!