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Power Your Enterprise With Commercial Solar Panels!

April 24, 2020

Commercial solar panels are marvels of technology that can provide just about any establishment with clean energy. These solar panels are a variety of multiple photovoltaic (PV) solar panels that change sunlight into electricity.

They collect clean, renewable power from the sun and convert it into electricity. Solar panels are made up of several single solar cells that consist of boron, phosphorus, and silicon arranged in a grid-like order. The power that the cells produce goes to an inverter that performs a conversion.

It changes the power (that is in Direct Current form) into Alternating Current (AC) that can be used in establishments and other places.

Apart from commercial panels being an excellent source of clean power, why else should you invest in them?

1. They Require Very Little Maintenance

Commercial panels from a trustworthy provider produce no noise as they operate. They also need little maintenance. The solar cells are encased in a protective and highly tempered glass case. 

And because they’re exposed to harsh elements most of the time, they are designed to withstand rain, dust, snow, and other unbearable weather attacks.

The PV cells are made of durable material, making it possible for them to go for days, even years, without any breakdowns. Most solar manufacturers offer an impressive 20-25 year warranty on their products, which means your enterprise can enjoy renewable energy for 20 years or more. When you think about the durability factor, these panels are worth every dime and are a worthy investment.

2. There are Incentives to Enjoy

To accelerate the solar panel buying process, state and federal governments offer solid financial incentives. One of them is the Investment Tax Credit that provides establishments that install a commercial panel a 30% tax credit on the price of the panel. 

Additionally, every local utility and state has a rebate system to lower the overall price of installing a commercial solar panel system.

3. Commercial Panels are Suitable for Commercial Enterprises

Many business owners are losing out on incredible solar power benefits without realizing it. The key benefit here is commercial panels help save money. Commercial establishments  can ordinarily take a larger solar system size and enjoy a lower per kilowatt-installed rate.

An additional bonus is because many organizations operate from a fixed location, they realize the economic advantages of solar power more wholly.

4. They Help in Lowering Your Building’s Operating Costs

No matter the operating expenses of your business, fixing a commercial solar panel on your roof can help in reducing them. Whether you lease your panel or pay for it upfront, utility charges will drop to the point where the savings from the expenses will pay for the panel costs in the long run.

Investing in energy-efficient steps as well as a commercial solar panel may seem like a waste of money now, but think of the positive long-term effects of your decision. Purchasing a solar panel is one of the wisest moves you’ll ever make and you’ll be happy about it in the long haul.

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