Solar Panels for Your Home – New Trends in Design

With the recent trends in solar panel design, consumers are no longer sacrificing the beauty of their homes for energy efficiency. Although the thought of ugly solar panels affixed to their houses’ roofs kept many people from installing solar energy systems in the past, now they’re moving forward because of the wide variety of options available to them. Visual appeal and saving money are no longer completely separate concepts when it comes to going solar.

Design trends making a difference for consumers

With consumer demand for solutions that won’t detract from a home’s curb appeal, manufacturers have focused on producing solar panels that preserve beauty while delivering cost savings.

  • Frameless solar panels, with no unattractive aluminum framing surrounding them, offer more natural integration into the existing architecture – or into the new design – of a home. Their sleek design enables installers to incorporate them more seamlessly into the look and feel of structures. And they generally take less time to install.
  • Colored solar panels also provide more versatility to consumers looking for ways to go solar without disrupting the look of their houses. Available in hues such as forest green, red, emerald green, and polished marble, the panels more easily blend in and give a more sophisticated look than do silver, metallic-looking products.
  • Thinking beyond the panels, homeowners are getting creative with ways to incorporate solar onto their properties. Rather than installing solar panels on the roofs of their houses, they’re building carports, awnings and other canopy-type structures to accommodate solar energy systems. This trend continues to grow as homeowners benefit from not only the cost-efficiency of solar power, but also from the attractiveness and functionality of the property enhancements.

Consumers are finding and implementing solar solutions that make it wholly possible to preserve the beauty of their homes while reaping the cost savings of going green. With the advances in solar technology and new design trends, the fear of making a property “ugly” shouldn’t drive anyone away from an investment that can save significantly on energy costs.


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