Understanding Pennsylvania Solar Rebates And Incentives

Pennsylvania Solar

Regardless of the circumstances, Pennsylvania incentives can bring about significant financial savings for consumers and homeowners in every industry. They can also act as vehicles to encourage more consumers to come start their own solar journeys, save on utilities, and protect the environment. Now is as good a time as any to learn about Pennsylvania solar rebates and incentives and see how they can provide both you and your family with significant savings.

Government Supporting Policies

Pennsylvania is well-known for its various alternative energy sources. These unique energy sources can help both households and businesses reduce monthly utility usage, save on monthly costs, and lower their carbon footprints. Government supported policies have made it much more accessible for homeowners and consumers to participate in these energy-saving initiatives for the long-term.

Programs Supporting Solar

There are 2 key government programs that help support the development of residential solar systems. These programs include net metering and solar renewable energy certificates. As we proceed, we’ll expand upon these programs and uncover how they can help support our individual solar journey.

Net Metering

Net metering allows households to sell excess solar power back to the utility at its cost price. This process allows households to get paid for all of the solar electric production whether their home uses it or it gets fed on the grid.

Solar Renewable Energy Certificates

The Solar Renewable Energy Certificate program allows households to sell their certificates derived from the power generated by their solar panels. These credits in Pennsylvania could hit up to $50 per megawatt hour, which roughly accumulates to around a few hundred dollars per year when households sell their credits in the solar renewable energy certificates market. While that may seem like a minimal amount, it will add up to an impressive sum of money in the long run.

Solar Tax Credits

Pennsylvania solar credits are worth more than ever before due to the recent extension of the federal Investment Tax Credit for solar. On top of the state-specific programs and incentives shared above, households now have the opportunity to further reduce their solar panels system costs by an additional 26%. Nevertheless, households would still need to agree with a cash purchase or sign up with a solar loan and have sufficient income amount to support the relevance of such tax credits.

As explained above, the government provides various helpful initiatives that could support your home solar journey for residential purposes. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to save on your monthly utility costs, reduce your carbon footprint, and save the environment all at the same time.

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