Will Solar Panels Damage My Roof?

One of the biggest questions we hear is: Do solar panels cause roof leaks?

The short answer is: no, solar panels will not harm your roof if they’re properly installed. Solar professionals work like any roofers, so they know how to properly care for your roof. We’ve seen successful and safe installations on roofs of any and all types, from old roofs that needed a little care and repair to brand-new roofs.

So, if you’re worried that solar panels will damage the roof or other aspects of your home, ask for a review from a trusted professional. We’re happy to show you exactly what your roof may need, how much weight it can support today and what equipment best fits your solar plans.

Work with us, and you’ll never need to worry that your solar panels will cause roof leaks, mold or other concerns.

One Simple Way to Avoid Roof Damage

Unfortunately, cutting corners on installation companies can harm your home. Poor installations and roof work from cheap companies — from solar to general roof repair — can hurt your roof. That means going with unscrupulous companies can cause panel installation to do harm.

So, you want to know: will solar panels damage the roof on your home? They don’t have to, and we can make sure of that.

The simplest way to prevent roof damage is to have solar panels properly installed by a professional installation company. Today’s top solar tech is designed to be specifically installed on a home roof without inflicting damage and requiring little work.

There will be some drilling and installation, but professional installation companies like Bright Eye Solar LLC use a variety of equipment and attachments that protect your roof. Installations from us will safeguard your home by:

  • Performing initial inspections to ensure that your roof is in proper condition and that the work of installing a solar panel won’t exacerbate existing problems.
  • Using specially designed attachments and barriers that route water around any holes or connections, making it less likely that rain, snow or other moisture will harm your roof.
  • Having professional installers properly walk and move around on your roof to limit damage, and only attaching panels in areas that are secure and won’t tear away shingles or other roof tiling.
  • Installing panels in a way that protects vulnerable roof tiles from harmful UV rays.
  • Solar panels heat up during winter and can melt snow, not only preventing leaks but also limiting damage due to snow weight.

Get Started Right

Bright Eye Solar provides residential solar panel installation in Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey. To help you understand what your home can handle, we provide a free consultation for any home in our service area. You can ask us any questions you’ve got, like “will solar panels harm my roof” and “do solar panels cause roof leaks.”

You’ll gain a full understanding of how safe it is for Bright Eye Solar to install panels on your roof, and you’ll be ready to start your path to energy savings.

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