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Commercial & Businesses Solar SystemPutting The Power In Your Hands

Is your business spending more than you’d like on energy bills as prices increase? Or are you looking for cleaner energy to make sure your company is leaving the right legacy behind and is able to be seen as a company that cares about the environment?

Put your energy into what matters most and make sure every part of your business yields the best return possible. In addition to being a cleaner energy alternative, solar power allows your company to take advantage of several federal and local tax incentives.

Bright Eye Solar provides solar panels for companies in PA, MD, and NJ with flexible pricing options and thorough project management to help you start saving money on overhead virtually right away. Keep reading to see what makes working with us a bright choice for your business.

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Commercial & Businesses Solar System Financing Options For Your Commercial Solar Installation

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Cash Purchase

With a cash purchase, you can enjoy ownership of the equipment and savings to your bottom line.

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Power Purchase Agreement

Also known as a PPA, this financing option offers the advantages of a fixed rate and no initial expense.

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If you’re unsure about committing to purchasing solar energy, this option allows you to try it out first.

Commercial & Businesses Solar System The Advantages of Commercial Solar Power for Your Business

There are multiple reasons why solar energy is a great choice for your company, including:

Protection From Rate Hikes

Protection From Rate Hikes

On average, the cost of electricity has grown at a 2% to 3% clip annually. Following a switch to solar energy, you can lock in a great rate that will stick with your company for years.

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Eco-Friendly Energy

Electric energy generated by coal and nuclear sources can have a dramatic impact on the ecosystem of our world and the health of our populace. Solar power draws energy from a natural source and lessens your reliance on materials that require refinement in order to generate electricity.

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Positive Brand Impact

Consumers are increasingly supporting businesses that utilize eco-friendly operational practices. You will enjoy a surge in purchases from clients who appreciate your dedication to making the world a cleaner, healthier place.

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Reduced Operational Costs & Added Property Value

Solar panels for commercial buildings in PA may help save your business money in the first month with no money down.

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Commercial & Businesses Solar SystemOur Project Management

1. Consultation & Initial Assessment

First, we meet to discuss your company’s goals and energy targets, as well as to review 12 months of electric bills and determine your usage and utility rate. Our team also conducts a site survey to evaluate the proposed site.

This includes a structural evaluation of a building for a roof-mount system or an in-depth grounds survey for ground-mounted solar panels. Our team also reviews your electrical system. From there, we’ll go over your options and present an estimate.

2. Engineering & Commercial Solar Design

Next, we will finalize your initial plans and conceptual ideas. Early drawings will show the layout of the solar panels on your property.

After your approval of the drawings, we’ll submit a permit application and utility interconnection application. We’ll also create a timeline so you know what to expect when construction begins.

3. Construction & System Commissioning

Logistics of staging any system components, parking spaces, hours and days of operation, and any other inconveniences that may occur are discussed in line with the timeline. We’ll complete your construction with a well-thought-out plan to limit any inconvenience to your and your company.

Commissioning involves obtaining all required inspections and receiving approval from the utility company to operate the system. After that, we’ll provide a brief training on the system and show you how to use your monitoring portal.

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Commercial & Businesses Solar System Our Commercial Solar
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