Farming & Agricultural Solar Panel Systems

Solar for Farming & Agriculture

Located in Central Pennsylvania, Bright Eye Solar understands the unique energy needs of farms. We’ll work with you to determine the best option for your facilities and help you learn about the financial incentives for making the switch to green energy. Get started now with a free consultation!

Agricultural Solar Panels in PA

Farms all across the U.S. are discovering the amazing cost savings and benefits of solar energy. Don’t let your Pennsylvania farm get left out. Bright Eye Solar is working with your neighbors every day to expand the reach of farm solar energy in PA, and we’ve seen successes you wouldn’t believe.

The modern farm uses the sun for so much already that adding solar power is just another step in the natural process.

Benefits of Farm Solar Energy in PA

  • Reduce your energy costs. Solar panels can immediately cut down on energy costs for a farm. Many farms can see significant benefits because their crops and buildings use a significant amount of power from the grid. Your large buildings and open spaces thankfully provide plenty of room for solar.
  • Latest technology support. One of the most interesting benefits of solar power for farms here in PA is that you can cut fuel costs too. Last year, equipment dealers began to set industry standards for electrical machines, such as tractors. Solar allows you to keep these vehicles supplied with the energy they need, often at a significantly reduced cost compared to gas and diesel.
  • Low-maintenance energy. Solar energy and agricultural solar panels are extremely reliable. Systems last for years and years, plus you have plenty of warranty and support options to keep your maintenance needs down. Ask us about remote tracking to always ensure your system is running efficiently.
  • Low costs to boost property values. Using farm solar panels in PA means you have access to a wide range of tax incentives, write-offs, grants and other savings that reduce your initial costs. At the same time, panels raise the value of property. The less you pay, the greater your property value increases relative to your investment.

Let Us Help You Find Your Incentives

It can be very difficult to determine what plans are still available to you from local, state and federal agencies. We’re experts in Pennsylvania solar, not just solar power for farms, so our experts stay up to date with all of the latest benefits available to you.

With a quick consultation, you’ll be able to see if you qualify for the Sunshine Solar Program’s reimbursement for up to 35% of installation costs, and much more.

Get Your Free Consultation Right Away

At Bright Eye Solar, we know that panels are a big investment. That is why we have leasing and financing options available to help you get started and do your business the right way. You’ve got a lot of questions and need expert analysis to see how solar can work for your specific situations.

That’s why we don’t push you for a blind sale. Bright Eye Solar offers a free consultation to help you discover when solar is right for you. We’ll also explain our five-year production guarantees, remote monitoring, free online management and much more.

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