Affordable Commercial Solar Lease Financing

An Affordable Option For Business Who Want To Go Green

Is your business interested in reducing your dependence on traditional energy sources and being protected against rising electricity costs, but do not want to buy a solar electric system?

Understanding Your Options for Leasing and Commercial Solar Financing

Commercial solar leasing is an attractive opportunity for businesses of any size to start taking advantage of the monthly utility and year-end tax savings offered by solar power. Bright Eye Solar works with companies throughout the northeast to learn what setup is right for them, estimate savings, install and maintain solar systems and even determine the right commercial solar financing options.

We’ll give you a free evaluation to determine your solar capabilities and what kind of system you should consider for your commercial solar leasing. There’s no obligation and no heavy sales pressure — just a clear and honest evaluation of your business and any solar opportunities you may have.

Learn more about our multi-step installation and maintenance process so you feel comfortable with the quality our technicians deliver and leave all your solar worries behind.

Terms of up to 7 Years!

Bright Eye Solar, LLC sets ourselves apart from other commercial solar leasing brands by offering leasing terms of up to seven years because it’s what our customers want, and we think it allows us to give you a better lifetime of service.

All our lease options — regardless of time-frame — include industry-leading features such as:

  • Power production guarantees
  • Quick and easy access to leading solar power and features
  • System insurance and warranty options
  • Turnkey solar design and installation
  • Utility cost savings
  • Worry-free maintenance and monitoring

Pair this long-term lease with our commercial solar financing, and you’ll find that Bright Eye Solar offers an industry-leading solar service your company can afford. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for any business to adopt commercial solar leasing in PA and throughout the northeast.

Act now and soak up the sun sooner, whether that means capitalizing on summer heat or keeping harmful snow buildups away thanks to panels that stay warm during the winter!

Why It Makes Sense to Lease Commercial Solar Panels?

There are a lot of great reasons to consider leasing commercial solar panels, but let’s start with the main focus for most businesses: revenue and expenses.

Federal Tax Credit

First, it’s great to know Bright Eye Solar can provide lower monthly payments than many other companies can offer, as well as rates that are typically lower than monthly loan costs for outright ownership. And because we can manage the federal energy investment tax credit on your behalf, we’re able to pass that on to you and allow your organization to achieve tax-deductible benefits on payments.

Simple Process Means Less Worry

We make the entire process simple. Our experts can manage every aspect of your solar accounts, and we’ll give you flexible options when it comes time to:

  • Renew your lease
  • Purchase your system outright — and we’ll help you do the math to see if that’s a smart move
  • Remove your system at no cost to you

No More Rising Utility Costs

We help you ignore those rising utility costs. Lock in your rates and even earn reductions on your monthly bill by generating electricity. If you’re leasing commercial solar panels and produce more energy than you need, you’ll feed that back into the general power grid and can receive offsets for that extra energy.

You’ll also maintain lower costs by relying on electricity instead of having to pay more for all of your energy use as utility companies continue to raise their rates.

Improve Your Business

Solar panels for commercial buildings are already saving businesses money, many of which see their savings begin in the very first month with no money down. By reducing your operational costs, you’re able to reinvest in your business and focus on growing your market.

Environmental concerns are also top of mind for business owners and for many of your customers. Commercial solar leasing doesn’t come with the significant ecological impact common with much of the energy we use that’s generated by coal and nuclear sources.

Solar is also more efficient than many other forms of renewable energy, generating more power and savings for your investment.

And don’t forget, many of today’s businesses are able to turn environmentally friendly efforts into competitive advantages targeting the growing number of younger consumers!

Bright Eye Solar Is Able To Offer Commercial Solar Leasing in PA, MD and NJ

Bright Eye Solar, LLC provides commercial solar leasing to PA businesses as well as enterprises and small business customers in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, and surrounding areas.

Contact us using the button below for your free solar assessment and to get a commercial solar lease specifically designed to benefit your business.

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