Ready to Go Solar? (Social)

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We’d love to speak with you about how solar energy can save you money and reduce your environmental impact.

Customers who complete a 15 minute screen share session will receive a $50 Amazon gift card. During the screen share, we’ll review where your panel(s) will be located, along with a production estimate and cost analysis.

To get your gift card, simply:

  • Provide us with a copy of your electric bill so we can determine the number of panels you need and the current electric rate to model your solar after.
  • Schedule a quick, 15-20 minute screen share session to review your quote and answer a few questions about your solar needs. You must have an Internet-connected laptop or PC to participate in a screen share.
  • Allow us to email you a final quote after your screen share and discussion. You will then confirm that you received a final quote and answer a few short follow-up questions.

Once you’ve completed these steps, we’ll email you your Amazon gift card. And if you end up going solar, you’ll receive four times the amount as an extra rebate!

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  • Your address is used to determine if your building is suitable for rooftop panels using Google Earth. We will not send you unwarranted materials in the mail or share your address with third parties.