Pennsylvania Solar Energy FAQs

Is solar energy the right choice for your home or business? Browse through our FAQ’s to find out.

Solar Energy FAQs

Do Solar Electric systems work in cold and/ or cloudy climates?

Contrary to what many people think, solar panels work more efficiently at lower temperatures. The solar cells within the panel generate electricity from light and not heat. Components of the PV system (panels, inverter, wire) lose their efficiency as the temperatures of the component rises above a normal operating temperature. PV systems will also generally last longer when installed in cooler climates such as Pennsylvania vs. Arizona. PV panels do not need direct sun and can generate 50% to 70% of its maximum power on cloudy days.

Is Pennsylvania a good area for solar?

Pennsylvania is a great place to go solar. Even though Pennsylvania has cooler average temperatures than Florida, we get 90% as much sunshine as the “sunshine state”. Germany is the world leader in PV installs and yet Pennsylvania receives almost twice as much sunshine as Germany. Pennsylvania and its local utilities have very attractive incentives that show higher return on investment than many other states.

How long do PV panels last?

Most PV modules are warranted for 20 years, but last indefinitely. Small decreases in power output are experienced over the life of the module, totaling less than 1% per year. No material is lost from the solar cells or module, nothing is emitted, and there are no moving parts!

Is there routine maintenance involved with owning a PV system?

Since there are no moving parts there is little to no maintenance needed for the solar panels. Bright Eye Solar offers the option to have your PV system remotely monitored through a web portal. If the output becomes too low given the weather conditions we will inspect and troubleshoot the system and if necessary, clean the panels to bring the power output back to acceptable levels. Bright Eye Solar is partnered with Decks Etc Power Washing and can set up an affordable annual or biennial service agreement upon request however regular cleanings of the solar panels are usually not necessary.

How much does Bright Eye Solar charge for a PV system?

We use only reputable, high-quality product manufacturers. We also provide design, engineering and installation practices that meet the highest standards in the industry. While Bright Eye Solar is not always able to deliver the lowest cost PV system, we make sure to keep our systems competitively priced. The final cost for your PV system will depend on several variables including: system size, system type (roof mount, ground mount, micro inverters, monitoring etc) and any special engineering and design that may be needed. Generally speaking, the cost of the system is about the same as paying 6 to 10 years of your electric up front after the federal tax incentive. Not a bad return on investment considering how much will be given to the utility company over the life of the system.  A typical 8kw install generally cost $22,000 or about $2.75 per watt installed prior to any state and federal incentives.

What is Net Metering?

Net metering ensures that all the energy created by your solar panels is being put to good use. What’s more, some energy companies will actually pay you for that leftover energy. To learn more about the full process, click here.

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