Solar Energy Back-Up & Solar Energy Storage

Solar panels are quickly becoming a favorite alternative source of energy in many homes across the United States. As a result, new renewable technology has emerged in the form of solar batteries that work by storing solar energy, which allow you to keep your lights on even when the power is out. That’s why Bright Eye Solar has developed solutions that when installed with your solar panels, make ‘solar-plus storage’ for your homes.

Understanding Solar Storage Batteries

To fully understand why a solar storage battery is needed for your solar panel system, it is important to know how the solar energy system operates first. The solar panels mounted on your roof or ground, absorb energy directly from the sun, convert it to electricity and pass the current through an inverter that then converts the electricity into a form that is usable at home.

Solar batteries take in energy that is produced by your solar panels and store it for later use. Some batteries have an inverter that converts the energy the same way in a typical solar energy system. Installing a solar battery in your solar panel system will ensure you store excess solar electricity that would otherwise have been sent back to the power grid. This excess electricity produced by your solar panels charges up the battery and when night time comes and the solar panels no longer produce electricity, the energy stored in the battery will be a great alternative.

Benefits of Solar Energy Storage

Storing solar energy has a number of benefits and at the top of the list are the following:

  • Better for the environment: Solar panels create less pollution compared to fossil fuels, which generate most of the electricity in the power grid. Storing solar energy allows you to utilize the cleanest form of energy available.
  • Energy security: For people that live in places that experience brownouts, storing solar energy is one of the best solutions for them. This is because stored solar energy reduces your dependence on the power grid and gives you more control over your energy.
  • Power all day every day: Solar panels produce electricity only when the sun’s out. Storage batteries store the excess energy produced during the day when you are at work and at night, the energy can be used to run your nighttime activities with ease. You do not have to worry about lacking power at night.
  • Lowered electrical bills: Solar energy storage lowers your electrical bill since less energy from the grid is utilized. Therefore, the buyback from paying for the energy you produced in excess is lowered saving you money.

There is no denying that solar energy back up and storage have a lot of benefits. Not only do you get to save some money, but you conserve the energy at the same time. At Bright Eye Solar, we offer high-quality solar installation and maintenance services to our clients.

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