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Electric prices change — the sun doesn’t. Enjoy the benefits of clean energy, savings in your wallet, and the satisfaction of leaving a brighter future for the generations ahead.

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Residential Solar Power Put Your Energy Into What Matters — Your Home

Electricity charges are fluctuating upward, but with residential solar power, you can take charge of your home. By installing solar panels, you can enjoy energy independence and power your house on your terms.

Our regional team of experts works with Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey homeowners to determine the right products, financing options, and installation processes available. We’re here to help you find the best solar plan for your property and also navigate the financial solar incentives available to you.

Residential Solar Power How Solar Panels Work

To understand the benefits of solar, you first need to know how it all works. Here’s what happens to turn that sunlight into energy for your home, from your lights to your fridge.

  • After signing off on your plan, our team attaches solar panels to your roof (or mounts them into the ground, if need be) and connects them to your home’s existing power system.
  • Once operating, solar panels convert photons from sunlight into electrons and generate direct current electricity.
  • This electricity flows from your panels to an inverter, passing through some safety equipment along the way.
  • The inverter turns the direct current into an alternating current, which means it can now be used by your home’s appliances.
  • Our team installs a new, bi-directional meter to keep track of how much energy your panels produce. If you produce more than your home is using, it’ll be sent through the power grid to other homes, while being credited to your bill (which means you get some money delivered back to your wallet).

You can also choose to connect your solar panels to a battery backup system instead of your local grid to save power to use in case of emergency. You’ll have the ability to choose what the backup system powers, and you may also be able to receive credits from the utility company for putting energy on the grid after the power goes out. Ultimately, battery backups provide peace of mind while also giving you further flexibility and control over your power.

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Residential Solar Power How Can I Save With Solar?

Residential solar energy offers a range of benefits for you and your family. And at Bright Eye Solar, we make switching to solar affordable so you can get the best return from making the switch. After all, it’s not just an improvement — it’s an investment, too.

Solar panels allow you to save money on your energy bill each month. Apart from using less electricity, you can also generate your own energy and sell excess energy back to your local utility company. The average American home can save $125 per month on their electricity bill just by switching to solar.

That combined with the fact that solar panel prices have dropped by 60% in the past five years makes it even easier to switch. Plus, an average solar system lasts at least 25 years and using Forbes’ estimations, you can save potentially more than $40,000 on electricity costs during the lifetime of those panels.

Want to assess the current energy efficiency of your home or put a dollar amount to how much solar could save you? Take advantage of a free energy audit with a certified energy analyst.

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What Residential Solar Incentives Are Available to Me?

You have plenty of options for savings when you go solar. The most well-known incentive is the federal solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) that gives a 26% for 2020 and 22% for 2021 tax credit for homes converting to solar energy through the rest of the year.

Additionally, there are local and state tax programs available to you, too. Our team here at Bright Eye is here to help homeowners in PA, MD, and NJ find and navigate all those incentives and rebates so you get the best price on your system. Contact us to start your free consultation!

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