Residential Solar Power

Bright Eye Solar provides residential solar panel installation in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey. Contact us today to work with the regional experts! We’ll work with you to customize solar energy to your needs and help you understand the financial incentives available to you.

Residential Solar Energy in PA

Bright Eye Solar provides residential solar energy and solar installation in Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey. Contact us directly to start working with one of the best teams in the businesses to find the right products, financing and installation time for you.

How Solar Panels Work

To really understand the benefits of residential solar installation here in Lancaster and throughout the northeast, you need to understand how solar panels operate. Here’s a quick primer on home installation:

  • Solar panels are attached to your roof (typically) and are connected to your home’s existing power systems.
  • Sunlight hits your solar panels, and these photons are converted into electrons, generating direct current electricity.
  • Electricity flows from your solar panels to an inverter and passes through some safety equipment.
  • The inverter turns the direct current into alternating current so it can be used by your home, appliances and this computer.
  • A new, bi-directional meter is installed, and it keeps track of how much energy your solar panels produce. If you’re producing energy that your home isn’t using, it will be sent through the power grid to other homes, and it’s typically credited to your bill.
  • There are also alternative options where you can connect a solar panel to a battery instead of the local grid, but these are less common and sometimes this type of setup is not eligible for as many state tax incentives.

Benefits of Solar Panels for Homes in Lancaster, PA

Residential solar energy offers a wide range of benefits for you and your home. The news that most homeowners love is that you can switch to solar affordably, and it creates a long-term return on your investment.

Solar panels allow you to save money on your energy bill each month by generating the electricity you use and selling excess energy back to your local utility company. Forbes says that the average American home can save $84 per month on their electricity bill by going solar.

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When you pair that with the knowledge that solar panel prices have dropped 60% in the past five years, solar panels for homes in Lancaster, PA and other nearby cities just make more sense. The longer you have your solar system, the more money you’ll make.

The average solar system lasts at least 25 years, and using Forbes’ numbers, that means you would save more than $25,000 on electricity costs during the life of those panels.

Incentives for Residential Installation

You have plenty of potential savings when you go solar. The most well-known incentive is the federal solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) that gives you a 30% tax credit for homes converting to solar energy through the rest of this year.

There are plenty of local and state tax programs that are available for you, too. Bright Eye Solar LLC can help you find and take advantage of all of those incentives and rebates for residences in PA, MD and NJ. Contact us to get started with a free consultation!

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