Ground Mounted Solar Panels

While rooftop solar panels are more common than ground mounted solar panels, they cannot be installed on all types of properties. Rooftop variants typically face either west or south to receive direct sunlight. If your roof is not positioned in the above-mentioned manner, you should consider ground panels instead. Bright Eye Solar offers professional ground-mounted solar panel installation services. We are the perfect team to help you go solar!

ground mounted solar panels in a rural back yard

About Our Ground-Mounted Solar Panels

A ground-mounted system consists of solar panels that are mounted on the ground around one’s property. The panels may be placed a few inches or feet off the ground, as well as rest at an angle of 30 degrees, facing north. This is done to maximize solar energy absorption and output. Ground solar panels are awesome alternatives if your roof have obstructions such as a chimney or skylight.

There are two main types of ground-mounted solar panels:

  • Standard mounted solar panels: Metal frames are driven into the ground to secure the panels at a fixed angle. Some of these systems may need to be adjusted a few times a year to account for the sun’s seasonal shifts.
  • Pole mounted solar panels: Multiple solar panels are attached to a single pole and elevated higher off the ground than their standard counterparts. This variation may also incorporate tracking systems that allow the panels to automatically tilt to capture the optimal amount of sunshine.

Benefits of Ground-Mounted Solar Panels

No major infrastructural changes are needed when you install ground-mounted solar panels. If you opt for roof-mounted panels, parts of the property may need to be reinforced to accommodate the extra weight of the equipment. Due to the space under ground solar panels, they allow for increased airflow and this improves overall performance.

Ground-mounted solar panels are easy to maintain; simply keep them free of dust and you’ll be fine. If you are planning to increase solar energy usage, the existing ground solar panel system can be easily expanded as well. Due to the panels’ angles, you have significantly more freedom in terms of placement.

How Bright Eye Solar Can Help

Our team will first schedule an initial consultation with our customers and conduct a site survey. We need to understand the specifics of your property, project timeline, and budget. Bright Eye Solar also performs a complete home energy audit to determine the overall efficiency of your property and its suitability for solar. If you decide to install ground-mounted solar panels, we will provide a detailed proposal that outlines all the work that needs to be done, the cost of the system, as well as the anticipated annual and monthly electricity output.

Bright Eye Solar proceeds to design the system, submit the necessary paperwork for state and federal incentives, install the panels, perform initial tests and adjustments, and finally set up a maintenance plan with you.

Choose Bright Eye Solar for Premier Ground-Mounted Solar Panels

Bright Eye Solar consists of an experienced team of solar system designers, installation specialists, and electrical engineers. Our company is committed to providing you with top-quality ground solar panel installation services for your residential property. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that we are also NABCEP certified and received accreditation from the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) for installing photovoltaic systems.

If you have any inquiries about our ground-mounted solar panels, feel free to contact us today. You may also call us at 717-207-8449 or request a free quote.