Roof Mounted Solar Panels

House in neighborhood with solar panels on roof

A Great Space Saver for Residential Properties

Roof mounted solar panels continue to grow in popularity. With solar power being more affordable than ever before the benefits are just too good to miss. Using solar energy in your home not only lowers your electricity bill by a significant amount, but it is also a good way of conserving the environment.

Solar panels need to be placed in a strategic manner and installed in a proper manner for them to work efficiently and to prevent them from getting damaged. When it comes to solar mounting, one size does not fit all. Roof mounted solar panels face south in order to receive direct and maximum sunlight. At Bright Eye Solar, we offer top notch roof-mounted solar panel installation services at affordable prices.

What Are Roof-Mounted Solar Panels?

A roof-mounted system consists of panels aligned inches apart, parallel to the roof’s surface on a rooftop. There exists a lot of low-weight designs for roof-mounted solar panels that may be used on either flat or slopped roofs therefore you can rest assured you will find a roof-mounted solar panel that suits your roof.

Many solar panels are installed on sloped or angled rooftops. The four most commonly used roof-mounted solar panel system options include:

  • Railed Mounting System: Solar panels are attached to one straight line of rails that are attached to the rooftop via roof-mounted bolts, screws and assemblies.
  • Rail-less Mounting System: This includes a set of screws, EPDM rubber and rail brackets that are directly used to tighten the solar panels to the roof without using rails.
  • Shared-Rail Mounting System: This mounting system is similar to the railed mounting system except the use of rails is minimal as the rails that are placed in the middle of the array are used to hold two rows of solar panels.

Benefits of Roof-Mounted Solar Panels

Roof-mounted solar panel systems are cost effective as they are less expensive to install compared to other mounting systems. They are a secure investment since electricity prices fluctuate often. Electricity generated by solar gives one the opportunity to calculate expenditure over a period therefore you can plan your finances accordingly.

Roof-mounted solar panels also help conserve the environment as the electricity they generate is free of carbon and other waste products.

You Can Also Back Up Your Solar Power

Most solar battery backup systems aren’t powerful enough to run large appliances (like HVAC systems) or provide whole-house backup power for more than a few hours. That can leave you with spoiled groceries, no heat in the winter, and no air conditioning in the summer. But the Generac® PWRcell Solar + Battery Storage System is strong enough to do both, making it the perfect complement to any solar energy setup.

Generac®’s PWRcell Solar + Battery Storage System blends power and capacity with automatic load management to provide reliable whole-home backup. The industry’s first fully integrated solar energy and storage solution, PWRcell pairs with solar panels from most manufacturers.

How Bright Eye Solar Can Help

Our team will set up an initial consultation where we will be able to answer all your questions regarding roof mounted solar panels. We will then conduct a site survey that will enable us to know whether your property is fit for the desired solar panel system. Our site analysis will enable us to come up with a detailed proposal concerning the budget, project timeline, cost of the system and the estimated monthly and annual electricity output.

Our team at Bright Eye Solar will handle all the installation, engineering and necessary state and federal inspections and finally set up a maintenance plan that suits you.

Choose Bright Eye Solar for Premier Roof Mounted Solar Panels

Bright Eye Solar is NABCEP certified and our team is committed to providing you with the best solar electric installation for your business or home.  We have highly trained technicians who can perform every installation in accordance with regulatory standards.

If you have any inquiries about our roof-mounted solar panels, feel free to contact us today. You may also call us at 717-207-8449 or request a free quote.