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Bright Eye Solar is the commercial solar expert to help your Connecticut business! We’ll work with you to create a custom plan to meet your needs, help you save money, and create renewable energy!

Connecticut Commercial Solar Panels for Your Business

Big Savings Are Available for Commercial Solar in Connecticut

Bright Eye Solar is bringing the joys and significant cost savings of solar panels for businesses to Connecticut. When businesses are ready to start preserving the planet’s resources and to cut the bill from the utility company, we’ll be there.

It’s time to consider a commercial solar panel investment in CT because it’s among the most popular alternative to traditional power generation. It also often comes with a tax break offered by your state, as well as the federal government.

Save on Your Monthly Bill

Solar currently costs much less than electricity in many markets. Installing commercial solar panels in CT comes with multiple options for no upfront costs or deferred payments. You can start saving immediately. Solar panels for businesses are affordable, regardless of your margins or revenue stream. You pay less for clean, abundant energy. You’ll also avoid the average 5% annual increase on electricity rates tied to other forms of energy.

An environmental report notes that businesses that invest in solar panels will see the panels pay for themselves roughly 10 times over the life of the panels. Solar panels can lower operations and maintenance costs by as much as $70 per sq. ft.

Save on Staff Time

Solar panels for businesses and commercial solar power in Connecticut provide reliable power, and they need relatively no maintenance for much of their overall lifecycle. Solar panels also operate quietly, preventing annoyances to your workers.

Mounting on roofs provides easy access, but there’s relatively little need to access the panels because of the heavy casing used to protect them from the elements. The typical solar panel comes with a 20- to 25-year manufacturer warranty, and Bright Eye Solar offers a five-year production guarantee with every install.

Tax Savings for Commercial Solar Panels in CT

Connecticut offers a tax incentive for businesses that gives you a 100% exemption on use and sales tax for solar electricity and heat equipment. To qualify for the program, you must fill out the CERT-140 form and the seller must fill it out at time of purchase.

Public utilities offer a variety of different program levels that may be available to you depending on where your business is located. It’s best to contact your utility company to check on its program and availability because most are limited by funds.

Get Started With Commercial Solar Panels in Connecticut

Bright Eye Solar provides solar panel installation and consultations for businesses throughout Connecticut. We’ve developed flexible pricing and finance options to help make solar affordable for any business. Pair our pricing with our leading project management, and you can expect to save money right away.

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