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Bright Eye Solar is the experienced commercial solar panel installer to serve the needs of your Delaware business! Your business has unique energy needs, and we’ll work with you to create a custom plan that will save you money and help you produce renewable energy!

Commercial Solar Panel Installation in Delaware

Bright Eye Solar’s mission is to deliver the best commercial solar panels for businesses in Delaware. We work hard to develop a plan that will save each customer money, optimize their solar capabilities and make sure they experience an error-free installation that gets them up and running right away.

Commercial solar in Delaware saves businesses money and improves their marketing through promotions for the eco-friendly adoption. Your business can experience these great bonuses and more as you start to generate your own electricity for use, storage and even sales.

Cut Costs With Commercial Solar Panels in Delaware

Solar panel pricing has decreased in Delaware over the past few years, making it an even better investment for local businesses. As the state looks to achieve a 25% use of renewable power in the next 10 years — 3.5% of which is mandated to come from solar — there are plenty of opportunities for your business.

Delmarva Power Green Energy Program

According to the program, rebate amounts in Delaware can include:

  • Municipal Utility Green Energy Fund — Up to 33.33% of installation and equipment costs with the exception of solar water heaters, which receive a 50% rebate.
  • $1.25/W savings for the first 5 kW of capacity (0-5 kW), $0.75/W for the next 5 kW (5-10 kW), and $0.35/W for the next 40 kW (10-50 kW). The maximum incentive is $24,000 for non-residential systems.
  • Division of Energy and Climate (DE&C) — Up to 33.33% of installation and equipment costs for commercial solar panels in DE.
  • Delmarva Power and Light — Up to 25% of installation and equipment costs for all renewable energy systems. Non-profit organizations receive 35% off overall costs.
  • There are no system size restrictions for this program.

There is a waiting list for some savings for solar panels for businesses. The DE&C says that high demand for green energy program incentives has created a queue for grant payments. You’ll get the savings you’re eligible for, but there may be a delay especially for programs where rebates involve local electric utility companies.

Help Beyond the Installation

Part of the Bright Eye Solar mission is to keep your operations safe and secure throughout the operation of solar panels for your business. Maintaining safety begins with a proper installation and a five-year production guarantee with every install.

We’ll also help you protect your equipment and watch for problems with our full remote monitoring and management. Our online portal allows you to view details about your entire operation or dive down into the module-level, and you’ll have access to our portal for the entire life of your system.

The Bright Eye module system also watches for maintenance needs and concerns, so you can stay safe and powered all year long.

Ready to get started with Bright Eye? Just contact us now to discuss a personalized program designed just for your Delaware business.

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