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Bright Eye Solar can help your Massachusetts business save money and create renewable energy with commercial solar panels! We’ll work with you to identify your unique needs and create a plan this is custom to you.

Massachusetts Commercial Solar Panels

Massachusetts is one of the few states to have set — and met — their residential and commercial solar power goal ahead of time. The state was opting to reach 400 million watts of solar power by 2020, but met that goal early in 2016. Now the state is looking at a 1.6GW goal for 2020, though many of its incentives and rebate programs have been met and not yet expanded.

Commercial solar in Massachusetts is now a conversation about standard business benefits and the 30% federal tax savings rate that’s applicable for installations of new equipment. Even without expanded state programs, many businesses find that they can recoup their investments and lower existing operational expenses through the installation of solar panels for businesses.

Bright Eye Solar’s customers have experienced major successes in three different areas:

1. Reduced Operational Costs and Protection Against Rate Hikes. Standard electricity rates rise an average of 5% each year, except for solar. Solar energy programs lock in existing rates and most companies will honor those rates for years. The more solar you use, the more you can reduce your electric bill. The more the prices rise for traditional electricity, the more you’ll save by switching to solar.

All of those savings translate into day-to-day operational savings for commercial solar use in Massachusetts. Panels may help you start saving in the first month, and they can make it more affordable to run machinery or other equipment longer without worrying about utility costs.

2. Limited Maintenance Costs. Businesses often worry about facing hefty maintenance and replacement costs when they install solar, but panels are especially resilient over the years. Solar power systems typically require little to no maintenance in the first few years, especially when batteries are not being used in conjunction with the system.

The standard commercial solar panel is projected to provide clean, quiet energy for at least 25 years on average. Bright Eye Solar has a commitment to keeping your operations running smoothly, so we also offer a five-year production guarantee with every install.

3. Benefits of Going Green. Adopting commercial solar in Massachusetts means your business is relying less on fossil fuels and foreign sources of energy, which customers appreciate. You’re working hard to reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, fighting climate change and becoming a sustainable business.

Nielsen has noted that 75% of younger buyers, those aged 15 to 20, are willing to spend more on a product if it comes from a green company. Research also notes that branding your company as solar adopted can improve your reputation and bottom line.

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