New York Solar

Regionally located in Pennsylvania, Bright Eye Solar is the perfect choice for your New York business looking for solar panel installation. We’ll work with you to create a unique plan that meets the needs of your business and helps you create renewable energy!

Commercial Solar in New York

When a business considers the benefits of commercial solar panels, it often comes down to a conversation of cost. We at Bright Eye Solar can tell you about our customers’ savings averages, as well as the improvements their marketing has achieved thanks to the eco-friendly focus, and New Yorkers can look at the hard numbers.

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has created a clean power estimator for solar savings. It will provide you with the best estimate of your specific savings when you have commercial solar panels installed in NY.

There are many incentives to layer on top of the savings you’ll see by cutting your electricity bills each month when you provide your own solar power. Bright Eye has been installing panels in New York for years, and our customers happily report satisfaction with the service we provide and the rebates, tax breaks and other savings their state provides.

Switch to Solar and Save

NYSERDA has created a cash incentive program to encourage solar panels for businesses when installed by eligible installers and contractors — and that includes us, Bright Eye Solar.

NY’s incentives apply to businesses switching to solar with new grid-connected electric photovoltaic (PV) systems that are 200 kW or less. The program is funded as part of the New York State Renewable Portfolio Standard. Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and is on a first-come, first-served basis. We know that solar funds around the U.S. have hit dry spells that have cut or delayed payment, so it’s a smart idea to start right away.

Even if you plan on waiting, solar is a great investment. The NY-Sun Incentive Program will accept PV-related applications through December 31, 2023, or until funds are fully spent.

Experience Local Savings, Too

Commercial solar panels in NY are also eligible for a variety of county and city rebates through local utilities. Some of these incentives include a property tax abatement for PV equipment at 5% for four years or reductions of $0.40 to $ 0.30/Watt for 50kW to 200kW systems.

Don’t forget your commercial solar NY installation is also eligible for the 30% rebate in the form of a federal tax cut!

Financing and Promises in NY

Solar panel for businesses can generate thousands of dollars of savings over 20 years, making them a smart investment for a business of any size. Affording the upfront cost can be daunting for some, but there are many financing options available.

Bright Eye Solar works with companies of all sizes, profit margins and revenue levels. We know that not every business is in the same situation, so we offer three financing options to help you achieve solar success:

  • Cash purchases that provide you with full ownership — the only other expense is for the initial installation.
  • Power purchasing agreements where equipment is purchased at a fixed rate, so you make payments to reach that total but aren’t hit with initial expenses or any payments per kilowatt hour used.
  • Leases to adopt solar without buying the equipment. You’ll see little to no initial costs and will pay monthly rates for the equipment and the hours of power you use.

Bright Eyes can help you achieve your solar dreams. Learn how our customers share the news with their customers to gain a better reputation. Talk to us today.

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