Bucks County Solar Installation Services

Solar power is more affordable, accessible and reliable than ever before. For businesses and homes in Bucks County, there has never been a better time to reduce your reliance on fossil fuels with a solar installation.

Bright Eye Solar, located in nearby Lancaster, can provide a range of design, installation and support services for properties of any size. We can determine whether solar is the right choice for you, or recommend other upgrades to improve your overall energy efficiency. Call our office to arrange a no-obligation consultation at your convenience.

Who We Serve

Bright Eye Solar is fully qualified to design and install a solar system for any home or business in Bucks County. We are an approved and listed Pennsylvania Sunshine Grant contractor with a team of North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners® (NABCEP®)-certified technicians available to take on any job. Furthermore, our staff includes a journeyman electrician who can provide technical support on complex projects.

Our clients include retail storefronts, government and industrial facilities, schools and farms, as well as some of Bucks County’s most prestigious residential addresses. We tailor our services based on your needs and will take the time to suggest options that work for your property, budget and power requirements.

Bucks County Residential Solar Services

Going solar doesn’t have to mean going off the grid. Grid-tied solar is among the most popular options for Bucks County homeowners. A grid-tied system offers the best of both worlds — your home will be powered by solar whenever possible, but will automatically switch to grid power when needed. If you’re generating more power than you need through solar, many utility companies will allow you to sell that excess back to them for a rebate on your next bill.

Of course, if you want a fully off-the-grid solar installation, we can provide that, too. Our goal is to demystify solar, present you with multiple options and ultimately help you make an informed decision. We’ll also identify potential rebate and incentive programs, as well as assist with the application process.

Commercial Solar Services for Bucks County Businesses 

Commercial properties have unique needs and priorities. As a local, independent business, we know this just as well as anyone else. We specialize in helping business owners make the switch to solar with a minimal amount of disruption and hassle. Our Lancaster location means we’ll be available to answer your questions and provide support when you need it.

If you’re tired of rising energy prices, a one-time investment in a solar setup will provide a hedge against rate hikes, helping you keep your costs down and budget more accurately. Let one of our team members run the numbers — you’ll be surprised how quickly you can see a return on your initial investment.

Run the Numbers and See How You Can Save

Bucks County businesses are realizing that switching to solar is as much an economic decision as an environmental one. With installation costs falling thanks to more affordable PV components, and efficiency increasing thanks to advances in technology, a strong ROI with solar is easier to achieve than ever before. Here are just a few of the reasons why solar is good for your business:

  • It reduces — or entirely eliminates — your dependence on your utility provider, lowering your overhead costs and helping you run a leaner business.
  • It stabilizes costs on a month-to-month basis, acting as a hedge against rising fuel prices and making your budgeting more predictable.
  • It positions you to meet future regulatory requirements by limiting your reliance on pollution-heavy fossil fuels.
  • It generates goodwill for your business among customers concerned about both carbon emissions and energy independence.

Ultimately, there is no shortage of reasons why solar is a smart choice for your business. Want to see the numbers in detail? Bright Eye Solar can provide a detailed cost analysis outlining your path to enhanced profitability.

About Bright Eye Solar

At Bright Eye Solar, we understand that power for your business isn’t something you can take a risk on. An unplanned outage means lost productivity and lost revenue — either of which, in a competitive economy, can be a threat to your continued viability. That’s why it’s so important to partner with a commercial solar installer that is experienced, knowledgeable and committed to your success.

Our goal at Bright Eye Solar is to be the best commercial solar installer for the Bucks County business community. Our location in nearby Lancaster, PA means we are only a short drive from the Philadelphia Metro Area and can provide on-site support as necessary.

We are an accredited member of the Interstate Renewable Energy Council, Inc. (IREC), and our installation team is certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). We’re also fully licensed and insured to perform work in PA and beyond.

In a rapidly evolving industry, these and other certifications speak to a commitment to training and transparency you can trust. We pride ourselves on our ability to educate customers and help them make informed, forward-thinking choices when it comes to their energy infrastructure.

Our Solar Leasing Program

The Bright Eye Solar commercial leasing program makes solar an affordable option for businesses of any size. Leasing lets you avoid the initial cost of installing a solar system on your property. In exchange, you pay a small monthly fee and enjoy guaranteed power production, warranty and insurance coverage, as well as worry-free maintenance and monitoring.

Solar leasing from Bright Eye Solar is a complete turnkey program, meaning we handle all aspects of the planning, installation and service. We’ll even apply for tax rebates and other incentives on your behalf, passing the savings on to you in the form of lower monthly payments. Lease terms are available for up to seven years, allowing you to lock in at a stable rate for the long-term.

Leasing is just one of the many commercial solar installation options we offer Bucks County businesses. Whatever your needs and budget, we’ll work with you to determine the solution that makes the most sense.

Contact Us First for Solar Panels in Bucks County

Find out why Bright Eye Solar is your local expert in solar installations for Bucks County homes and businesses. If you’re at all curious about the benefits and the costs of solar power, get in touch today to learn more about who we are and what we can do for you.