Are you considering powering your business or home with solar energy in Cementon? You have come to the right place. Solar panels are designed to collect sunlight and generate DC power that can be inverted into AC power. A prominent advantage of solar power is that it helps owners save money. Every kWh produced by a solar energy system is worth the full retail energy rate individuals pay the utility. In addition, whatever power that’s not in use earn you energy credits and can be transferred to another home that needs it. At Bright Eye Solar, we provide professional solar energy services that allow our customers to enjoy a lower carbon footprint and other environmental benefits.

About Cementon, Pennsylvania

Cementon is a suburb of Lehigh County and has a population of over 1,700 residents. Situated along the Lehigh River, Cementon is approximately one mile east of Egypt, PA and seven miles north of Allentown. The location is home to a wide variety of restaurants, parks, and coffee shops. Some of the top public schools that serve Cementon include Clarence M. Gockley Elementary School, George D. Steckel Elementary School, Whitehall-Coplay Middle School, Whitehall High School, and Zephyr Elementary School. 

Solar Energy Installation Services in Cementon, PA

Our team is comprised of experienced project planners and installers who possess brilliant technical knowledge in solar electricity technology. Our company is passionate about solar power and protecting the environment. Bright Eye Solar has successfully completed solar panel installations for homes, commercial buildings, and government agencies. 

Solar Panel Maintenance Services in Cementon, PA

Solar panels are extremely reliable as energy generators. Like any equipment, these panels may lose their efficiency if they are not maintained on a regular basis. Although solar energy systems do not require a lot of maintenance, it pays to get them checked. This way, one can identify hidden damages and rectify them before the panels break down. A solid solar panel maintenance plan typically consists of visual inspections and equipment tests. Bright Eye Solar will also check the overall efficiency of electrical components and properly re-connect them once the inspection procedure is over. 

Energy Audit Services in Cementon, PA

Before we install any solar panel system, our highly trained technicians will conduct an initial energy audit for our customers. This process allows us to understand their energy consumption patterns on a daily basis. With these types of data in our hands, our team can accurately determine how many solar arrays and batteries are needed to power our customers’ homes. 

Why should You Go Solar with Bright Eye Solar in Cementon, PA?

At Brighty Eye Solar, we specialize in both residential and commercial solar panel systems. You can be sure that our professionally trained technicians are equipped with vast experience to handle solar PV projects from design and planning through installation. In addition to providing a hassle-free experience, we also offer competitively-priced solutions to meet your needs.

If you have any questions about solar energy solutions in Cementon or want to request a free quote, do not hesitate to contact us today. You may reach out to one of Bright Eye Solar’s representatives by calling 717-207-8449 as well.