Chester County Solar Installation Services

Bright Eye Solar offers a full range of residential and commercial solar services for Chester County properties. From our headquarters in Lancaster, we are just a short drive to West Chester, Coatesville, Spring City and elsewhere in the Metro Philadelphia region.

You can count on our expertise for system design and engineering, installation, product selection and ongoing support. We offer personalized service based on a detailed assessment of your needs and will work to find solutions appropriate for your budget, timeline and priorities.

Chester County Residential Solar Installation

Bright Eye Solar provides residential service for Chester County’s most prestigious addresses. We specialize in attractive solutions that integrate with your home, providing affordable, sustainable power without compromising your property’s curb appeal. We will work within local bylaws and HOA guidelines, while identifying tax breaks and other incentives that can offset the cost of installation.

Home solar systems are becoming more affordable and efficient, offering excellent long-term value for the money. Purchase yours outright, or take advantage of one of our leasing or finance programs to offset the initial cost of installation.

Commercial Solar Systems in Chester Country

Solar continues to be a smart choice for businesses that want to become more energy independent while demonstrating their strong green credentials to potential customers. We understand most commercial operations can’t afford to lose power, which is why we offer sophisticated grid-tied and battery backup systems that will stay running even when the sun isn’t out.

Our commercial solar clients in Chester County include retail operations, large industrial facilities, government buildings, farms and more. For these and other customers, solar offers a way to make energy bills and overhead costs more predictable over time, without compromising productivity.

Solar Panels for Chester County, PA Businesses

Bright Eye Solar LLC is bringing the cost savings and green energy joy of solar panels and power to Pennsylvania homes and businesses. We specialize in matching the right panels to your building so you can receive the most power at the best cost, saving you as much as we can in the short-term so you can recoup your cost quickly.

Ask Us About Panels in West Chester, Coatesville, Phoenixville and More

We work with clients of all sizes to meet their solar needs, ensuring that your business gets the most power it can and that you can keep your home looking lovely throughout the year.

Ask us about our solar panel work in Chester County, PA!

Why Adopt Commercial Solar Panels?

Pennsylvania utilities rise about 5% each year, but the cost of creating solar energy doesn’t rise (it’s actually gotten about 60% cheaper to install solar panels over the past five years). That means solar panels for your Phoenixville, PA home can help your wallet right away.

Businesses often see a reduction in their operational costs beginning in the first or second month after installation. This is on top of the reduction in monthly power bills that both businesses and homes experience, meaning there’s plenty of opportunities for major savings.


And don’t forget the bragging rights! When your home or business goes green, you can be the envy of the neighborhood or tell your customers they’re supporting the environment when they choose your goods and services.

Your Expert on PA Tax Benefits

Solar panels from West Chester to Coatesville and everywhere else in Chester County are able to use a variety of federal and Pennsylvania rebates and programs to minimize costs. There are a lot of different categories and qualifications for these rebates. We’ve listed a few below, but be sure to contact us directly to learn if they apply to your specific situation.

Most PA installations can take advantage of the federal solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) that gives a 30% tax credit for homes converting to solar energy through the rest of this year.

Businesses see something similar with the Sunshine Solar Program that reimburses businesses for up to 35% of the total cost of the project, though it caps out at $52,500.

The state also offers the AEPS Alternative Energy Credit Program that will give you utility bill credits when your system produces more electricity than you need. We’re experts in the bi-directional meters that this requires, and can ensure that smart installation keeps your home and business looking great.

Why Work With Bright Eye Solar?

At Bright Eye Solar, we understand solar power can be confusing. It is our goal to deliver superior service and help you make informed choices that respect the needs of your home or business. As an authorized Pennsylvania Sunshine Grant installer, we are accredited by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC), a leading industry body. Additionally, our installers are NABCEP®-certified, and our full-time staff includes a journeyman electrician available to consult on every project.

We are committed to total energy solutions, and will provide a complimentary audit of any property. During this process, we identify all opportunities for improving the efficiency of your home — from simple maintenance items to more involved upgrade projects.

Ultimately, not all properties are suited to solar. We won’t recommend any system unless we think it will deliver excellent long-term value and reliable performance.

Get Started Today

Find out for yourself why we’re Chester County’s solar installation leader by contacting Bright Eye Solar today. We are pleased to offer free, no-obligation consultations and site surveys for residential and commercial properties of any size. If you’re curious about the benefits of solar, give us a call to schedule a meeting with one of our experts today.