Philadelphia Solar Power Installation

Bright Eye Solar is located in Lancaster, PA, and serves an area encompassing all of Pennsylvania and the mid-Atlantic region. As a result, we are the ideal partner for any residential or commercial solar installation near Philadelphia.

We know the state of Pennsylvania, its utility providers and the many incentives available for residents and businesses looking to switch to renewable power. Because we are just a short drive away, we can provide both installation support and ongoing service for as long as you use a Bright Eye Solar system.

Philadelphia Residential Solar Service

Too many homeowners — in Philadelphia and elsewhere — think switching to solar is prohibitively expensive, or will lead to reliability issues with their power. The fact is, today’s solar panels are affordable, reliable and convenient for practically anyone.

At Bright Eye Solar, our goal is to provide expert advice and make the installation process easy. We offer detailed consultations, in which our technicians assess your property to determine its suitability for solar. Then, we will provide a thorough outline of the costs involved, the incentives you can take advantage of, and the path to a return on your investment.

Most residential solar installations in Philadelphia connect to the power grid. This type of setup has several advantages. It ensures that power is always available and can switch seamlessly between solar and conventional energy as the need arises. Also, depending on your utility provider, you may have the option of selling excess power back to the grid, turning your residential installation into a revenue source during periods of peak productivity.

Bright Eye Solar has a reputation for expertise, innovation and customer service in all residential projects. Check out our Testimonials page to hear from other homeowners in your area who have collaborated with our team.

Philadelphia Residential Solar Options

The days when solar power meant living off the grid — and dealing with the reliability and performance issues associated with it — are long gone. Today’s home solar systems are dependable, easy to use and virtually maintenance-free.

Grid-tied systems are the most popular type of solar installation for Philadelphia homes. With them, you remain connected with your utility company, so conventional power is available if your system isn’t meeting all your energy needs. Switching between solar and grid power is automatic. You may even have the option of selling excess solar energy back to the grid, further lowering your monthly bills

Philadephia Commercial Solar Service

Bright Eye Solar can also provide solar sales and installation for businesses throughout the Philadelphia Metro Area. We work with commercial clients of all sizes, from all industries — including retail storefronts, office buildings, industrial facilities, farms and more.

For businesses, switching to solar has several advantages. You’ll gain an additional level of predictability in your monthly utility bills, offsetting the rising cost of conventional energy. You’ll also lower your overall operating expenses and generate goodwill among the increasing portion of customers who prefer to work with eco-conscious businesses.

When it comes to paying for your purchase, we’ll work with you to find an agreement that makes sense from a financial standpoint. This can include buying your system outright, leasing it from us or participating in one of our purchase power agreements. Speak with a representative to start exploring your options in detail.

Flexible Installation Options for Every Business

Today’s commercial solar products offer options for every business. Solar installations can be as small as a single panel and still generate noticeable savings on a month-to-month basis. Alternately, high-efficiency PV panels allow for larger installations that don’t need to be tied to the grid to produce sufficient power for a commercial operation.

Bright Eye Solar designs and installs solar systems of any size or complexity. We can provide both roof- and ground-mounted systems, as well as parking lot canopy and other designs that integrate seamlessly into the overall architecture of your facility.

Financing and Incentives Make Affording Solar Easy

The biggest disincentive to more businesses adopting solar is the initial installation cost. While it’s true that a well-designed system costs money, there are several financing, leasing and incentive programs available to qualified applicants.

In addition to traditional financing, Bright Eye Solar is unique among Philadelphia commercial solar panel installers in that we offer leasing terms up to seven years. Our leasing programs feature turnkey design and installation, remote monitoring, on-site maintenance and guaranteed performance — all for a monthly fee that’s lower than the cost of purchasing outright.

Our team stays on top of state and federal incentive programs to ensure customers — whether they buy or lease — take advantage of every opportunity available to them. We’ll help you identify programs you qualify for and assist with all steps of the application process.

Philadelphia’s Solar Installation Experts

Bright Eye Solar is an approved Pennsylvania Sunshine Grant installer. We are also accredited by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC). Our team includes North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners® (NABCEP®)-certified technicians, as well as a journeyman electrician who consults on every project.

Find out why we’re the choice of demanding homeowners and businesses looking for solar installation services in Philadelphia and beyond. Contact our office to book a consultation at your convenience.