How Much Can You Save By Going Solar?

Going Solar

How Much Can You Save By Going Solar?

Homeowners who have yet to make the switch to solar energy are more often than not consumed by skepticism. Perhaps they’re worried about the installation costs or fear it will take a long time to recoup the costs from the initial investment. Despite knowing the potential for long-term cost savings, the aforementioned concerns are valid. Still, they should not hold you back from exploring the benefits that solar energy can bring.

Factors Affecting How Much You Can Save

The primary factor that determines just how much you’ll save on energy each month by switching from electric to solar is you! The amount the individuals in your home use certain appliances will directly impact your savings. Furthermore, the amount of solar energy required to operate these devices will also play a role. Energy consumption varies from one person or family to another, but the great majority of people see significant savings on monthly utility bills. Let’s go on further to study those statistics!

Financing Your Solar System

  • How you decide to finance your solar system plays a part in determining your monthly savings. Those who make a cash purchase will receive immediate reimbursements for their initial installation costs as they’ll save each month through reduced utilities. Individuals who opt for solar loans, however, would need to finance loans using the savings reaped from their reduced utilities.
  • Households can take advantage of the current federal investment tax incentives to further contribute towards their savings if they meet certain criteria.
  • Lastly, households that have been paying more every month on utilities would definitely see a larger reduction in monthly bills as opposed to households with minimal monthly utilities.

It’s always best to seek professional advice from a credible solar installation and maintenance company to help you calculate if your household would benefit from switching to this alternative energy resource. It’s also necessary to find out how much money you’ll need to initially shell out before you see monthly savings. New financing that is available will allow you to go solar with no money out of pocket. You would basically replace part or all of your electric bill with solar allowing you to save money, and add value to your property and go green.

While going solar may seem like the obvious preferred choice for household expenditures, there are certain financial factors that need to be considered. That’s why Bright Eye Solar strongly advises making informed, educated decisions, especially in the case of a long-term commitment.

By listening to the advice of a professional solar team, equipped with the knowledge and expertise to provide detailed explanations, breakdowns of costs, and projections on subsequent savings, you’ll be more than prepared to make the right decision.

To learn more about Bright Eye Solar’s offerings, call our customer service team today. Also feel free to reach out online to get a free quote online and see how we can help you start your green journey today!


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