Get Big Financial Incentives When You Choose Solar

With the cost of utilities and everything else going up all over the country, many homeowners and business owners are looking for options to save money and lower costs.

Having clean energy options that are both affordable and sustainable is the answer.

When you work with us at Bright Eye Solar you can get quality solar panels to reduce your energy bills, along with financial incentives to make the cost of your new solar system lower.

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Get Great Solar Panel Incentives

The right incentives can make all the difference when you’re trying to decide on a solar system. The first thing to look for is whether your installer is on the approved installer list for the DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) like Bright Eye Solar.

Then you’ll want to get a look at the federal tax credit, which is currently 30% on solar systems for both homes and businesses. If you plan to purchase a system with a cost of $25,000, that tax credit means you’ll only be paying $18,500. That’s a significant difference and one that can make solar panels much more affordable, and it’s not the only way you can save.

If you’re in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Maryland, contacting Bright Eye Solar can help get your tax incentive questions answered.


Understanding the kinds of financial incentives you can get when you choose a solar system is important. You’ll be able to take control of your energy usage and your finances. At Bright Eye Solar, we’ll help you find the right system and make sure you’re getting all the incentives and tax credits you qualify for, so you can save big.

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Jim worked with us to give a number of options to get us the best value within our budget. The crews were clean, prompt and very polite. Workmanship was very professional.

Anonymous , Camp Hill, PA

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The enthusiasm and detailed explanation made Brighteye Solar the right choice. The use of American made products was an added bonus.

Ruth M , Lancaster, PA


Very accommodating with their schedule to suit my needs. Competent and helpful throughout the process.

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It can seem stressful to make the switch to solar power. When you work with us, you can get big savings and have confidence and peace of mind for your future.

Being able to save with a 30% tax credit for your solar panels is a great reason to make the switch. But you can also get additional savings if you’re a business owner. Additionally, commercial and residential customers have state-specific incentives for solar systems, too.

Once you see all the incentive options you have, there’s no reason to say no to solar. Not only will you be able to get your new system for a lot less than you might expect, but you can save thousands of dollars in energy costs over the life of the system.

Your property value will go up from the solar installation, so if you even plan to sell or refinance you’ll have additional value. There really isn’t a downside to a solar panel installation from Bright Eye Solar. It’s easy and convenient to work with us on switching over to a solar system.

You’ll also get net metering credits with your new solar system, which means you can build up credits to sell at the going rate. That generally translates to between $400 and $800 per year in addition to the savings you’re getting on energy costs.

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Can I get more incentives from the state?

In many cases, yes! Most states have financial incentives for solar panel installation, because they understand the value of switching over to clean energy. Consumers save money on their energy bills, raise the value of their properties, and help protect the planet when they use clean energy options like solar power.

Will my utility company offer any discounts?

Some utility companies will offer additional incentives to homeowners, making it easier for them to buy a solar system. Not all utility companies have those kinds of programs, and the best thing to do is contact your particular utility company and ask them about what they offer. That way you’ll know what you can expect if you move forward with solar system installation.

Will my home or business be worth more with solar?

Properties that have solar panels installed see their value go up significantly. For example, for every $1,000 in energy savings you get from your solar system, you can expect your property’s value to rise by $20,000. That’s well worth the investment in solar, whether you have the property for many years or decide to sell it.

Can my financial status and income make a difference?

Your income and other financial factors can definitely make a difference when it comes to getting incentives or discounts on solar panels and systems. If you’re in a low-income household, for example, there may be programs that will help you get the funding to purchase a solar system. We can help you explore your options.

Can I get government grants or financing?

In some cases, yes! For commercial solar systems, there are options for PACE (property assessed clean energy) financing along with USDA grants that may also be available. If you’re not sure whether your business qualifies, or whether these options might be right for you, we can help. Our professional team understands the details of solar panel financing, and will work with your business to get the right incentive, financing, and system package.



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