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Not sure how energy efficient your home or business is? Consider a requesting an energy efficiency audit, that will look at your current usage and determine your suitability for solar panel installation! Our experts will guide you as you make the best choice for your unique residential or commercial space and educate you about the financial incentives available to you for choosing green energy!

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Energy Audits and Savings for Homes and Businesses

As energy costs continue to rise, you might be throwing away more and more money due to gaps in window sills, leaking doors, old air conditioners and more. Bright Eye Solar not only works with solar installation, but we also provide whole home energy efficiency audits and complete commercial energy audits in PA, NJ and MD (and throughout the Northeast) to help people determine where they can stop losing money and start saving it.

How Does an Energy Efficiency Audit Work?

A certified energy analyst is able to perform an energy efficiency audit for your home or business. They will visit your building and have a discussion with you about your particular needs, then walk through the property to look for potential areas of lost energy, overuse or other concerns.

Some of the inspection elements will include:

  • Measuring doors and windows for air leakage
  • Checking for air leakage in walls, attics, basements and other areas
  • Testing for gas leakage in buildings with a gas hookup
  • Inspecting installed systems such as HVAC, lighting, heat recovery, compressed air or steam
  • Conducting insulation inspections, typically in some walls and attics
  • Reviewing appliances, usually focusing on combustion items
  • Checking for carbon dioxide
  • Performing advanced analysis and testing, which may include a review of your current energy usage as well as thermal imaging

After reviewing all of this, your energy analyst will provide a list of potential upgrades and improvement areas. We’ll also look at the availability and potential success for using renewable energy like solar. In all of our residential and commercial energy audits in PA and beyond, we only recommend new energy options when they’re likely to give you better access to energy and significant savings.

Other benefits you can expect include:

  • Determination of places you’re losing energy — and money
  • Suggestions on new equipment that may reduce your energy costs
  • Areas of potential savings when switching utility providers or rates
  • And much more

Do I Qualify for a Free Energy Audit?

Bright Eye Solar offers free home energy audits with every solar installation over 6kw*. Contact us to learn more about this incentive!

Residential Energy Audit in PA and MD

Bright Eye Solar provides solar energy solutions and home energy audits in PA and MD. These audits are designed to show our customers a financial breakdown of how they’re using the energy they pay for and where they may be misspending. Improvements and upgrade suggestions are just that, and you’re not locked into any deal.

We take energy very seriously and want to help expand the reach of solar. Acting like timeshare salesmen doesn’t achieve that, so you don’t have to expect it.

Commercial Energy Audits in PA, MD, and NJ

Our commercial solar solutions and energy audits started in Lancaster, PA but have expanded to all of our service areas in the Northeast (PA,NJ & MD). Our customers have seen major savings in their energy use and costs, plus they are able to use suggested improvements as a way to market their green company culture.

Contact us for a free consultation and to set up your commercial and residential energy audits.

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*This incentive is not automatic. Customers must request the energy audit prior to signing any contract with Bright Eye Solar.