Explore the Benefits of Installing Solar Panels

Explore the Benefits of Solar Energy

With Bright Eye Solar you can feel good about your investment because the short term and long term advantages far outweigh the initial cost of the investment.

Whatever your motivation may be for considering solar; personal financial savings, environmental impact or energy independence from you’re your local electric utility, Bright Eye Solar ensures that you get the maximum return on your investment. See below for all of the wonderful benefits of going solar.

  • Environmental: Solar panels do not release carbon dioxide and other harmful gasses into the atmosphere and therefore do not contribute to air pollution and global warming unlike many traditional forms of electrical generation. Also unlike fossil fuels which are used to create most of our electric energy today, solar energy is abundant and renewable, meaning that it will never deplete. Many people have read or heard that the manufacturing of solar panels and the disposal of them after their life cycle is just as bad as not having them at all. This is simply not true. A leading researcher and his colleagues have been gathering data for several years in Europe and the United States and have found that producing electricity from solar cells reduces air pollutants by about 90 percent in comparison to using conventional fossil fuel technology.  Solar panels also operate silently and have no moving parts.
  • Energy Independence: Going solar reduces our dependency of overseas oil and gas. It also protects you from rising energy cost from your local utility. As energy costs rise you can rest assure that the electric produced from your solar electric system will be worth even more to you as it lowers your return on investment time. Going solar is the single most profound thing you can do to help our country become energy independent.
  • Financial Savings: An average 5KW solar electric system in Pennsylvania can deliver $40,000 in energy savings over the course of 20 years. The solar electric systems that we install will last well beyond 20 years. There are systems that were installed 50 years ago with outdated technology that are still operating today.
  • Increased Home/ Business Value: Many people spend thousands of dollars in home improvements only to realize later when they sell that the style is outdated or is not what the buyer wants (ie tiled floor, granite countertops). A solar electric system is guaranteed to increase the value of your home. For every $1,000 in annual electric savings your home’s value increases by $20,000. Unlike other home improvements that depreciate over time, a solar electric system increases in value as electric rates increase. With Bright Eye Solar’s competitive pricing and the current incentives available, you can expect your home’s value to increase by at least the amount of out of pocket money you will pay for a new solar electric system right from the beginning.

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