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The solar installers at Bright Eye Solar have spent more than ten years providing home and business owners with high-quality services. With solar panels in Chester County, PA, you don’t have to feel trapped by high electricity bills every month.

Keep Your Solar Installation Simple and Streamlined

When you install a solar system, it’s important to work with a reliable and reputable company. You can trust Bright Eye Solar to provide a quality system at an affordable price.

Cost Savings

We’ll help you maximize your installation incentives for an affordable solar system.

Safe Installation

We meet or exceed all electrical and building codes.

Superior Materials

At Bright Eye Solar, we use high-quality components and panels for long-lasting systems.

Improve Your Property with Solar Power

Solar panels are good for the environment, your wallet, and your property value. Because buyers are interested in energy efficiency, solar panels increase the appraisal value of a house by more than 4%.
Even if you decide to hold on to your property permanently, you’ll still enjoy significant benefits, such as:
• Lowering your monthly energy costs
• Performing minimal maintenance and upkeep
• Reducing your carbon footprint
• Receiving payments for net metering



Learn Why Bright Eye Solar is the Best in Solar Power

The Chester County solar installers at Bright Eye Solar strive to make every customer’s experience as seamless and simple as possible. We know making a major home upgrade can be stressful and overwhelming, and we aim to make things easier for you.

To keep things moving and get your solar installation completed as quickly as possible, we’ll handle every step of the process.

You’ll receive a free quote and a detailed analysis of your property so that you have a realistic picture of what to expect from your solar production. Next, we’ll help you find a solar system that’s appropriate for your property and doesn’t break your budget.

Our team of expert installers will work to ensure that your Chester County solar installation is safe and efficient with wiring best practices and the expertise of master electricians. Once everything is in place, we’ll test your system to make sure it’s ready to power your property.

Throughout the installation process, the Bright Solar customer service team is available to answer your questions, address your concerns, and support you

Reach out to us today to get a free estimate.

What You’ll Gain from Solar Installation in
Chester County

If you own a home or business in Chester County, you may wonder what you’ll gain from purchasing a solar system.

Although your monthly expenses are a major factor, switching to solar is more than just a matter of lowering your electric bills. There are other good reasons to make the change, such as:

Impressive Durability

Solar panels are productive for two to three decades, on average.

Improved Property Values

Properties with solar panels sell for higher prices.

Credits for Net Metering

Get bill credits for your surplus solar power.

Energy Storage Options

Solar batteries allow you to save up energy for low production days.

Lower Installation Costs with Chester County Credit Options

Lower Installation Costs with Lancaster County Credit Options

With the Inflation Reduction Act, you could save up to 30% off your solar system purchase.

Solar Renewable Energy Credits

SREC provides you with a way to monetize your system and see big rewards from your investment.

High Performance Building Program

You may be eligible for a grant or loan for solar installation.

Affordable Solar Power

Bright Eye Solar is one of the most trusted names in Chester County solar installation because we recognize that solar power is vital for the environment and for property owners. We’ll find the right solar system for your home or business.

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Harnessing the power of the Pennsylvania sun

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