Get the Most from Solar Installation in Lititz

It’s hard to believe that one improvement project could cut your energy costs, raise your property value, and protect the planet at the same time. With solar installation from Bright Eye Solar, you can realize all of those goals and more.

We Serve Residential and Commercial Customers in Lititz

Bright Eye Solar puts customers first with concierge service from the best solar installers in Pennsylvania. Our team is dedicated to providing you with a fast and successful solar installation.

Installers with Experience

Our Lititz solar installers have years of training and education.

Superior Safety

Our team implements wiring best practices to protect your property.

System Management

We monitor your solar electric system after installation is complete.

Leaving a Legacy with Solar Power

The fight against climate change often seems too big for any one person to tackle, but solar customers have the power to make a difference. According to the United Nations, renewable energy could decarbonize 90% of the power sector by 2050.

In simpler terms, that means we could create a safer, more sustainable world for future generations. Here’s what else you can expect from a quality solar installation:
• Freedom from traditional utility companies
• Lower electricity bills
• Durable panels with long lifespans



This Is What You’ll Get from Bright Eye Solar

Some people believe that solar energy is just a fad that will disappear with time. The reality is exactly the opposite.

Solar energy is here to stay because it’s critical to lessening the effects of climate change and reducing carbon emissions.

That’s why Bright Eye Solar is doing whatever it takes to bring solar installation to customers throughout Lititz. We envisioned a future where everyone had access to renewable energy, and now we’re making it happen.

Your solar journey will begin with a free quote and a detailed installation proposal. We’ll explain how the process will work and how much you could save with solar panels.

From there, we’ll get to work on your installation, always meeting or exceeding building and electrical codes so your property is undamaged. Before you know it, your solar system will be producing reliable energy and reducing your carbon footprint.

Reach out to us today to get a free estimate.

Why You Need
Solar Power

Making the switch to solar power is a major decision, and we don’t want you to take it lightly. We encourage all our customers to look carefully at everything they have to gain from a Lititz solar installation.

You’ll discover a wide range of reasons why solar is the right choice, including:

Net Metering Credits

Utility companies give credits for your excess power production.

Energy Storage

Save energy for later with solar batteries.

Planet-Friendly Parts

Most of the materials in solar panels are recyclable.

Greater Property Interest

Catch the attention of more buyers.

Lower Installation Costs with Lititz Credit Options

The Inflation Reduction Act

With the Inflation Reduction Act, you could save up to 30% off your solar system purchase.

Solar Renewable Energy Credits

SREC provides you with a way to monetize your system and see big rewards from your investment.

High Performance Building Program

You may qualify for a grant or loan for your solar installation

Renewable Energy Shouldn’t Be a Budget-Breaker

Taking care of our planet is critical, and over-priced solar systems make it harder for customers to do their part. At Bright Eye Solar, we make solar installation more affordable with financing options and guidance about Pennsylvania solar incentives.

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Harnessing the power of the Pennsylvania sun

We’re proud to serve our local communities in:

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