The Most Reliable Solar Installers in Columbia, PA

Once you’ve decided to add solar panels to your property, the next step is to choose an installation company you can trust. Bright Eye Solar’s team of professionals strives to provide every customer with the best service possible.

We Offer Simple, Streamlined Solar Installation

The process of installing solar panels sounds complicated, and it’s true that there are a lot of elements to consider. Bright Eye Solar takes care of all of them so you can enjoy your new renewable energy system without any unnecessary stress.

Easy Set-Up

We’ll analyze your property and walk you through every stage of your solar installation.

Quality Materials

Our Columbia, PA customers receive superior components and panels.

Reputable Team

Our professional installers are highly trained and experienced.

Become Part of the Solar Energy Movement

From 2017 to 2022, the electric power sector in the United States tripled the amount of solar photovoltaic capacity it operated. That level of growth reflects the public’s desire for cleaner, more affordable energy.

Solar panels make those goals a reality, with advantages, such as:
Long panel lifespans
• Predictable energy bills
• Reduced carbon emissions



Bright Eye Solar Is Here for You

Even if you’re intrigued by the idea of solar panels in PA, it’s natural to have concerns about the cost and demands of the installation process.

If those fears are holding you back, let us reassure you. Solar installation doesn’t have to break the bank or your spirits.

At Bright Eye Solar, we’ve developed a straightforward system that makes it easy for our customers to get access to solar panels in Columbia. It starts with a no-cost analysis and quote, where we look at the size and position of your property to determine how much solar energy you can expect to produce.

When you’re ready to move forward, we’ll head to the drawing board and develop a custom solar system for your home or business. Our customer service team will also talk to you about financing options so that you can stay within your budget.

The installation itself is stress-free. You sit back and watch as our experienced team of Pennsylvania solar installers place your panels, install optional battery storage, and test your system. When it’s all said and done, you’ll have the comfort of knowing Bright Eye Solar is available to address your concerns long after your installation is complete.

Reach out to us today to get a free estimate.

How Solar Power
Can Change Your World

For years, the price of solar panels was a major obstacle that kept many home and business owners from making the switch. Fortunately, those costs have dropped exponentially.

But smaller price tags aren’t the only reason residential and commercial customers are seizing the opportunity to get solar energy. They’re also motivated by other benefits, including:

Slowing the Effects of Climate Change

Help protect the planet from carbon emissions.

Raising Property Values

Buyers pay more for properties with solar panels.

Lowering Energy Bills

Give less of your money to traditional utility companies.

Receiving Federal Tax Credits

Decrease your tax liability and offset the cost of installation.

Lower Installation Costs with Columbia Credit Options

The Inflation Reduction Act

With the Inflation Reduction Act, you could save up to 30% off your solar system purchase.

Solar Renewable Energy Credits

SREC provides you with a way to monetize your system and see big rewards from your investment.

High Performance Building Program

You may qualify for a grant or loan for your solar installation

We Believe in Accessible Solar Energy

The increasing number of solar installations promises great things for the future of our planet. At Bright Eye Solar, what we find most exciting is the fact that everyone finally has access to renewable energy, no matter how much money they bring home every month.

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Harnessing the power of the Pennsylvania sun

We’re proud to serve our local communities in:

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