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When you decide to install solar panels in Montour County PA, it should be an exciting improvement — and not a stressful financial commitment. Bright Eye Solar offers quality installation at a price you can afford.

Explore Solar Energy Options for Your Home or Business

Solar installation can quickly go wrong if you work with untrained installers. Bright Eye Solar’s team is highly trained to provide a stellar experience every time.

Accredited Installation

We meet the highest standards and are accredited by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council.

Financial Benefits

We’ll help you apply for incentives to maximize the value of your system.

Turnkey System

The team at Bright Eye Solar will test your system after installation to make sure it’s working properly.

Move Forward with Quality Solar Installation

Looking at your electricity savings from a solar system in a single month doesn’t give a full picture of what you could save. To put it into perspective, keep in mind that experts estimate that solar customers save anywhere from $20,000 to $90,000 on electricity during the lifespans of their systems.

That amount of money could be better spent elsewhere, and it’s not the only way you stand to benefit from solar panels in PA. Other factors to consider include:
• Freedom from traditional electricity providers
• Income from energy credits
• Smaller environmental impacts
• Higher property values



Here’s What Bright Eye Solar Can Do for You

There are a lot of misconceptions about solar power, including the idea that it doesn’t work on cloudy or snowy days. Solar panels can generate power even when weather conditions are less than ideal. On top of that, solar batteries can store excess energy to make up for days when production is low.

Some property owners also believe that their homes and businesses aren’t compatible with solar systems. The installers at Bright Eye Solar have extensive training and can offer options for solar power that you may not have realized were possible.

If financial concerns are preventing you from making the switch, we can help find solutions. Our financing and leasing programs coupled with our in-depth knowledge of national and Pennsylvania solar incentives will help you maximize the value of your system.

We want you to feel comfortable with your decision to install solar panels in Montour County, so we’ll offer any information and candid advice you need throughout the process. The customer service team at Bright Eye Solar is the best in the business when it comes to supporting customers.

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What You’ll Gain from
Montour County Solar Installation

Property owners in Montour County and throughout the world are increasingly moving toward solar energy options, and you may be wondering why.

There are many reasons why solar installation is a sound investment for a home or business. Some of the most common explanations include:

Eco-Friendly Materials

The majority of materials in solar panels can be recycled.

Consistent Electric Bills

Know what to expect when you open your monthly bill.

Net Metering Credits

Receive bill credits for sending power back into the grid.

Attract Buyers

Get the attention of a wider pool of homebuyers (at a higher value!).

Lower Installation Costs with Montour County Credit Options

The Inflation Reduction Act

With the Inflation Reduction Act, you could save up to 30% off your solar system purchase.

Solar Renewable Energy Credits

SREC provides you with a way to monetize your system and see big rewards from your investment.

Philadelphia Solar Rebate

The city of Philadelphia offers a rebate to property owners who install solar panel systems.

You Deserve Affordable Energy Solutions

Access to solar panels in Montour County should never be limited to a select few customers. That’s why Bright Eye Solar strives to match each property owner with a solar system that cuts electricity costs without breaking the bank.

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Harnessing the power of the Pennsylvania sun

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