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At Bright Eye Solar we have the solar installers York, PA customers are looking for, to take your solar dreams and turn them into real life. There is no reason to settle for fluctuating pricing and expensive utility bills when you can work with us to get a great home or business solar system that meets your needs.

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Enjoy Big Benefits by Choosing Quality PA Solar Installers

Choosing solar in York PA is a great way to lower your utility bills every month. Not only that, but you’ll be helping the planet, too. There’s no reason to settle for expensive energy prices when you can switch to solar and lower them quickly and efficiently.

Feel good about protecting the climate and switch to green energy today. You’ll see big benefits for your home or business when you make the move to solar panels. Some of the biggest benefits include:
• Using net metering to get money back from your utility company every month.
• Seeing more consistent expenses as your utility bills come down.
• Protecting the planet and climate through the use of green energy.
• Working with trusted advisors who can help you explore solar options.
• Partnering with one of the best, most trusted solar companies in the state.



Here's Why Bright Eye Solar is the Best Choice for Your Needs

We understand how important solar energy is, but we also understand that it’s important for you to stick to the budget you’ve set for your business or home. We’ll work with you to find the right system, so you can feel confident that you’re getting what meets your energy needs and fits your finances, too.

It’s also possible you can afford more than you expect since you’ll be saving a lot of money on utility bills by making the switch to solar.

At Bright Eye Solar we are among the best solar installers in the state. We are focused on making sure all our customers get the quality solar systems they need for prices that are fair. When you make a one-time investment in solar energy you’ll have benefits for years, and we want to make the process simple and meet your needs.

We offer leasing arrangements and financing, to help you get the solar system you need to provide energy for your home or commercial space. You’ll feel comfortable with your payment and get the solar power that works for your space. You also have the potential for extra income at the end of your yearly billing cycle when you sell your excess energy back to your power company.

Working with trusted and dedicated York, PA solar installers is one of the best reasons to choose Bright Eye Solar for your solar power needs. Our strong commitment to customers helps ensure you’re getting the highest level of value when you choose us for your solar installation. Ask us questions and share your concerns. We’re here to help you get the solar energy support and installation you need.

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Get Solar Panel Installation
in York

If you’re a York, PA home or business owner you have options to consider for your solar panel incentives.

Many homeowners in York, PA have switched away from using standard utilities and are enjoying the benefits and value offered by solar energy options. There are a few great reasons to switch, including:

Save Money on Your Utility Bills

When you switch to solar you can save a lot of money on your utilities.

Get Federal Tax Credits

You can get part of your costs paid through federal tax credits.

Add Value to Your Property

Installing solar can increase your property value.

Money From Net Metering

You can get money back in your pocket through net metering.

Lower Installation Costs With Quality York, PA Credit Options

The Inflation Reduction Act

With the Inflation Reduction Act, you could save up to 30% off your solar system purchase.

Solar Renewable Energy Credits

SREC provides you with a way to monetize your system and see big rewards from your investment.

York Solar Rebate Program

Homeowners in the York area may be offered incentives for installing solar panels.

Affordability Matters for Solar Power

Bright Eye Solar is one of the top companies for solar installation in PA, and we understand that some people shy away from getting solar panels due to cost concerns. We work hard to make sure every property owner is getting as much as possible for their solar budget, with trusted installers and strong incentives to reduce costs.

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