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How Much Could You Save on Your Electric Bill?

April 8, 2022

Powering a home is expensive—and the cost is only going up! Utilities prices across the board have been on the rise; in 2021, electricity prices in particular increased at the fastest rate the US has seen since the 2008 market crash. Many homeowners are looking for ways to save money on their electric bills. Installing solar panels is a great way to assure long-term savings on your monthly electric bills all while benefiting the environment and your community!

The average American household could save $125 per month on energy costs by switching to solar. To find out if solar makes sense for your household finances, it’s important to look at how much money you could save by switching to solar. If you know how to read an electric bill, this is something you’d likely be able to calculate yourself. You can calculate your probable energy savings using the local cost per kilowatt for solar and the number of kilowatts you use in a month. If that’s not within your skill set, that’s okay! In fact, most Americans don’t know how to read their electric bills. There are other ways to determine your potential cost savings.

A Solar Assessment

A local solar company will be able to help you assess your household’s energy usage and determine how much money you would stand to save if you installed solar panels. A solar assessment is a comprehensive, holistic appraisal of your home’s suitability for solar energy. If you’re working with a customer service-oriented solar company, they’ll go through your electric bills with you to review and discuss your energy usage habits and the amount of power that you need.

This will generally include a review of satellite imagery of your home to locate the best possible placement for solar panels as well as a preliminary cost estimate for equipment and installation. At the end of this assessment, you’ll not only know whether solar is a fit for your home, but the upfront costs and long-term savings estimates that let you know whether it’s a fit for your budget as well.

An Energy Audit

An energy audit is another service you can solicit from your local solar company to determine whether solar makes financial sense for your home. These audits are like more intensive versions of solar assessments. A certified energy analyst performs a site walkthrough to assess energy efficiency and usage, areas for improvement, and whether solar would be a suitable solution for your energy needs. They then offer a list of suggestions as to how to improve your energy efficiency; this list may or may not include solar energy, depending on if it’s a good fit for your purposes. At the end of the audit, you’ll have ideas for how to save money on electricity costs.

Bright Eye Solar

Bright Eye Solar is an -certified solar energy company based out of Lancaster, PA, and servicing Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland. To speak with one of our solar experts and find out if solar panels are right for you, contact us today or request your free quote.

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