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Finding a Business Solar Panel Installation Company

July 12, 2022

You’ve decided to install solar panels and switch to solar to power your business—amazing! Once you’ve determined that solar energy is the right fit for your company and facilities, the next step is to choose a solar panel installation company. But how do you go about choosing your solar provider? Here are four things to consider when deciding who you want to hire as your solar panel installer.

Commercial Experience

Some solar companies, especially young companies, don’t have any expertise with commercial solar panels. Solar is a relatively new industry, so no installer has been around that long, but it’s best to look for a company with more than a few years of experience because they’ve had the chance to learn the right and wrong ways to do things. You also want to be sure they’ve worked on a good number of commercial solar projects before. That past experience lets you know they have the expertise and capacity for an install with different requirements that’s probably on a larger scale than most residential solar install jobs.

Service Range

Look for a solar panel installer that specifically advertises that they work in your area. It’s best to work with a company that wants to do installs in your location because they’ll be familiar with local regulations, your current electric company, and any government incentives for solar powered businesses in your city or state. A solar panel installation company with experience working in your region will be better equipped to serve you than an installer who doesn’t typically work in your area.

Pricing and Payment Options

Every business has a different budget and a different set of needs. A good solar panel installer will know this, and their pricing and payment options will reflect it. If you can purchase with cash upfront, that’s great! If you don’t have all the cash up front, look for solar panel installation companies that offer leasing or other financing options, such as a Power Purchase Agreement.

Audits and Additional Services

You want to work with a reliable and trustworthy solar energy company to install solar panels to power your business. Getting a sense of your potential installer’s other offerings beyond installation services can give you useful insights into the company’s values. Companies that offer solar audits and recommendations for how to make your business more energy efficient are more likely to be honest with you about which solar panels and systems are the right fit for your needs, rather than pushing the expensive option to try to make a big sale.

Bright Eye Solar

Bright Eye Solar is a residential and commercial solar panel installation company serving Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland. For over a decade, we have worked with businesses to optimize their energy consumption for maximum efficiency and cost savings. For all your solar needs, contact a member of our team.

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