Residential and Commercial Net Metering in PA

The ins and outs of net metering vary from state to state, but Bright Eye Solar can help you understand what credits might be available to you! Whether you need to produce energy at a large commercial building or a small home, we’ll help you make the right choice for solar energy. Get started with a free consultation today!

Commercial and Residential Net Metering in PA and Beyond

Everyone deserves to get paid for the solar energy they provide, especially when it’s used by other homes and businesses. That’s why many cities and municipalities are adopting net metering, and why energy customers in those areas love it.

Net metering is essentially an agreement with your utility to ensure that all of the solar energy you produce is being used.

When you sign up for net metering credits in PA, for example, your utility company will provide a special meter that monitors how much solar energy you’re creating. If you create more than your house would currently use, that electricity is fed back into the system and used elsewhere.

The “credit” part is that your utility will actually pay you for the unused energy you’re producing, most often by giving you a credit for each kWh on the next month’s bill.

Almost all utilities support commercial and residential net metering in PA, and likely in your state too!

Why Adopt It?

There are a few big benefits to net metering for both commercial and residential properties. The first is that you get a monetary benefit out of every single kWh that you produce. If you’re not using all of the electricity, you maintain your savings by sending it back through the larger grid and getting a credit.

You also can save money because net metering means you don’t need batteries or other storage systems for excess energy. There’s no loss of energy or savings. And, because storage systems can be especially expensive for businesses, commercial net metering in PA is a major cost saver over the life of your system — which is often more than 25 years.

Over the long term, it is likely that the more companies and businesses who adopt net metering credits, the lower the costs for utilities. This would be because your utility would need to perform less maintenance on its energy-generating equipment and transmission lines. Solar reduces the volume of electricity it creates and the amount of electricity that travels on transmission lines — because you’re using energy you create locally.

Residential and Commercial Net Metering in PA

Bright Eye Solar has a lot of experience with net metering in Lancaster, PA because we’re based here. We developed relationships with local utilities and have expanded that knowledge to residential and commercial net metering throughout Pennsylvania.

Our customers have been so happy with the net metering concept that we’ve expanded our support and relationships to also cover Maryland, and New Jersey.

The most important thing we’ve discovered is that utilities treat net metering very differently between residential and commercial customers. There is also a variety of unique elements in place in each state. To help reduce confusion, Bright Eye Solar offers a free consultation that can help you understand your local options for solar.

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