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Why Businesses Switch from Electricity to Solar

May 10, 2022

Most of the time, when people talk about solar energy and the benefits of installing solar panels, they’re talking about solar for private residences, and businesses get left out of the conversation. The fact is that solar energy for businesses is a great and viable option—but why is that? Let’s explore the benefits of switching to solar energy for businesses specifically.

Branding Opportunities

More than two-thirds of North American consumers prefer to support green brands and think it’s important for companies to implement sustainable policies and practices. This is a sentiment that will only continue to grow in popularity with time. Younger customers, like Millenials and Gen Z, value sustainability and green business practices even more than the general population does. Companies that rely on solar power instead of electricity from fossil fuels are able to use that fact to brand their products and services as green or produced by a green business. This can help with marketing and sales efforts targeting the majority of the US population, ultimately increasing revenue.

Lack of Commitment

Companies with executives who are interested in installing solar panels but are apprehensive about making the switch to solar can rest assured knowing that there are low-risk, low-commitment (or even no risk and no commitment) ways to install solar panels. With commercial solar leasing programs available, companies can try solar before they buy it, or even lease indefinitely.

Budget-Friendly Financing

Leasing isn’t only good for the gunshy. It’s also an affordable way for smaller businesses with limited capital to access solar. In fact, there are a variety of financing options available for money-minded businesses interested in installing solar. These include payment programs like Bright Eye Solar’s power purchase agreement, a financing plan with no upfront cost and fixed-rate payments. As a business, you have more options and flexibility when it comes to paying for solar compared to those available to the owners of single residences.

Value Protection

Another major benefit of solar energy for businesses is that it protects you from rate hikes while adding value to your property. You won’t be subject to increasing electricity costs and your business will be able to save money on utilities. At the same time, properties with solar panels are valued higher than comparable properties without, so if your business sells its venue to move locations, you’ll get to enjoy an improved price for the property.

Bright Eye Solar for Businesses

Bright Eye Solar is a leading solar company servicing environmentally conscious businesses and homeowners in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland. Our team of expert solar professionals is available to help your business explore the benefits of solar that we’ve described (and so many more). Get in touch with us today to find out more about if solar is right for your business.

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